Can a Zoom Workout Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

Can a Zoom Workout Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

Between business meetings, family dinners, happy hours, and online learning, we’ve all gotten a serious crash course in video conferencing technology this year.

Virtual meeting apps have been invaluable for helping us stay connected. And if you’ve ever tried a Zoom workout, you know they can also help you keep your healthy goals on track.

Zoom workouts are an easy way to connect with a virtual trainer or a community of online workout buddies.

And if you’re struggling to stay motivated, these workouts can give you the extra push you need.

The Benefits of a Zoom Workout

There are so many reasons to love working out at home: It’s convenient. You’re not sharing equipment…or germs. And no one will judge you if you show up in pajama pants.

Virtual workouts take all those benefits and add a few more:


No matter how committed you are, there will be days when you’re feeling low-energy or unmotivated.

That’s where an accountability partner can make a big difference. You’re more likely to stick to your workout schedule — and give it 100% — when you know someone else is counting on you.

That “someone” could be a workout buddy who makes sure you show up for your early morning run. Or it could be a virtual trainer who makes sure you’re maintaining proper form — and keeps you from slacking on those last few burpees.

“Students feel more motivated to finish their sets if they are being watched and engaged by their trainer,” says Brandon Nicholas, CPT and blogger at The Fitness Tribe.

Woman doing zoom workout at home


If you think an accountability partner can be motivating, imagine what a whole community can do!

When you connect with a group — like our BOD Groups — for a virtual workout, you can share tips, cheer each other on, and inspire each other to stay motivated.

That camaraderie can go a long way. Research suggests you’re more likely to stick to a weight-loss plan when you have social support.


Whether you’re taking an online fitness class or setting up a one-on-one Zoom workout with a friend or trainer, you can plan your virtual workouts around your busy schedule.

And while you can’t beat the commute from your couch to the living room floor, you can also take your Zoom workout on the road with you, or do the workout outdoors. “Several studies have shown the benefits of working out outdoors for mental and physical health,” Nicholas says.


If you’re just getting started with fitness, you may feel self-conscious trying a new move for the first time in front of a group.

In a Zoom workout, you can always switch your camera off for a minute if you feel more comfortable, says ultra-marathon runner Rhys Jenkins, CPT, founder of Pegasus Ultra Running.

Woman doing zoom workout at home

How to Get the Most Out of Your Zoom Workout

Ready to try a virtual workout? These tips can help you have the best possible experience.

1. Find a virtual workout buddy

If you have a friend who’s on their own fitness journey, see if they want to schedule a sweat session via Zoom once or twice a week.

Or join one of our BOD Groups — you can watch live videos from a coach, join a challenge group, and connect with people who are following the same workout program as you.

2. Check your Wi-Fi

Test your connection before your workout starts, Jenkins says. If it’s spotty, you may want to move to whatever spot in your house has the strongest connection — or consider investing in a Wi-Fi booster.

3. Be early

Dial-in early so you can make sure your audio and camera are working correctly. You don’t want to miss your warm-up while you figure out how to turn your mic on.

“Test it out beforehand and the workout will be much smoother,” Nicholas says.

4. Keep it simple

Choose a workout that’s easy to follow and doesn’t require much gear. “I’ve been focusing on calisthenics exercises for my zoom workouts,” Nicholas says. “These exercises require only your own body weight and usually work on several muscle groups at the same time.”