Whole-Grain Stuffing

Whole-Grain Stuffing

When it comes to stuffing, we know one thing for certain. Somewhere out there this Thanksgiving some of us will be served a soggy blob of stuffing. This cannot be helped. There will always be holiday purists who believe that stuffing the interior of a bird with bread yields a satisfactory result. This is ok. But Autumn Calabrese and her chef brother Bobby think it’s time to change that. Their Whole-Grain Stuffing recipe is the kind of dish you set on the table without fanfare and then wait. This understated recipe must be tasted to be believed. It’s the kind of Thanksgiving side that will slowly begin to win hearts and minds. Before you know it the table will be abuzz, each person asking who brought the “other stuffing.”

Now Autumn and Bobby aren’t trying to cause a Thanksgiving ruckus. But they are making an effort to present healthy alternatives and bring new ideas to the Thanksgiving table. Stuffing does not have to be made of soggy bread. This is not blasphemy, it is common sense. Bread, a sponge-like substance, does not hold up well under the extremely moist conditions inside a baking bird. Besides, the word stuffing is sort of a misnomer anyway. Not all stuffing must be stuffed. In fact, nowadays the consensus on stuffing is that it begs to be baked. This important deviation from tradition and helps to prevent all-too-common mushy stuffing mishaps (and the bacteria that may spread from an undercooked bird).

Their recipe for bread-less Whole-Grain Stuffing with fresh herbs offers complex flavor and won’t ever get mushy. Shallots and celery act as aromatic vegetables to which caramelized butternut squash is added for a distinctly fall flavor. The dish is then deglazed with a shot of apple brandy and fresh-squeezed orange juice creating bright, citrusy undertones. A sprinkling of orange zest and fresh sage add an extra layer of flavor to the veggies, which get stirred in with hearty rye berries and wild rice. (Can’t find rye berries in the bulk section of your supermarket? You can swap in any whole grain).

Watch how this Whole-Grain Stuffing is made on the FIXATE cooking show, along with a whole menu of other healthy takes on traditional Thanksgiving recipes like Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato Casserole.

To get the recipe and find out the Portion Fix Containers and nutritional information, watch the FIXATE episode on Beachbody On Demand!