10 Positive Mantras for Happiness and Well-Being

10 Positive Mantras for Happiness and Well-Being

Positive mantras are words, phrases, or affirmations we say to aid in meditation.

“Mantras are an example of sound healing,” says Erika Posinelli, certified Kundalini Meditation/Yoga Teacher and Manifestation Coach.

“The words we say hold a vibrational frequency. Mantras can be a saying you remind yourself each day to support your emotional well-being or a song in Sanskrit, which is an ancient Indo-European language found in Hindu and Buddhist texts,” she adds.

“When we choose a mantra that resonates with our soul, it is in alignment with who and where we want to go,” adds Cindy Nolte, Certified Hypnosis and Reiki Coach.

If you are feeling stuck, negative, or just generally want to move toward a more positive mindset, try saying these positive mantras to yourself every day.

10 Mantras for Positive Energy

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1. I Am Strong

In times we feel weak or need to channel some extra strength, “I am strong” may be helpful to repeat as an added boost.

Try saying it next time you want to give up on those last set of squats!

2. I Am Enough

We have everything we need inside of ourselves. Let this positive daily mantra be a reminder you are enough as you are to face any challenge, opportunity, or struggle that may come your way.

“In a world that often tells us who we are and what we should be, it is comforting to me to be reminded that I am enough. I may not be all that others demand of me, but I am doing my best and that is enough,” says Nolte.

3. I Love Myself

Self-love is so powerful! Some of us battle negative self-talk and harsh self-criticism.

“I always encourage clients to think about a limiting belief or negative self-talk they experience popping up often, and then flip that into the affirmative,” says Posinelli.

Try saying “I love myself” for a daily dose of self-esteem.

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4. I Have Everything I Need

Society constantly tells us we need to buy more, have more, save more, accomplish more, earn more, the list goes on.

This mantra for positive thinking reminds us that we can live in gratitude and awareness for all we currently have.

5. I Welcome Abundance

We can be grateful for what we have, but still invite elevation into our lives.

Whether that’s monetary, romantic, or energetic abundance, try this mantra to manifest something great into your life.

6. I Have the Strength of the Divine

“I think everyone can feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders at times,” says Nolte. “Reciting this mantra reminds me that I am connected to the infinite strength of my Creator and I am never on my journey alone.”

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7. I No Longer Allow Fear to Rule Me

We all experience fear at times. But if fear is controlling your life or holding you back from reaching your potential, you might want to try this mantra for positive energy to guide you through your fear.

Sanskrit Positive Mantras

“Mantras in Sanskrit stimulate our palate which is like a computing system to the brain,” says Posinelli. “The way that our tongue hits the roof of the mouth tells the brain what and how we want to think.”

Here are some simple yet powerful positive mantras to try in Sanskrit.

8. Om

“Om” is a powerful and simple mantra. According to researchers, “om” represents the “primal vibration from which all other sounds and creation emerge” and that those who chant this sound are merging “with the Absolute.”

This study also found that chanting “om” can result in physiological alertness!

9. As Guray Nameh

This Sanskrit mantra “helps us to tap into self-love as well as open up and give love to others around us,” says Posinelli.

10. Ek ong kar

This mantra for positive energy is also helpful for manifesting, says Posinelli. It is thought to help the speaker connect with his or her Creator.