Is Barre Low-Impact?

Is Barre Low-Impact?

The term “low-impact” can sometimes be incorrectly perceived as “low results,” but that’s certainly not the case if you challenge your body in the right way.

Case in point: A barre class like Xtend Barre is a low-impact, total-body workout that’s accessible for all and highly impactful, according to its creator, Andrea Rogers.

“This is a workout that offers something for everybody,” she says. “In Xtend Barre, we get into the ‘challenge zone,’ where you’re working within a range of motion that’s right for you, but you’re giving it your all.”

Think of barre as low-impact, high results.

Who Should Avoid Doing Barre?

Because barre is low-impact, it’s appropriate for everyone, says Rogers. Plus, if you have struggled with exercise in the past or have limited mobility (or are new to barre or Pilates), you can modify the moves.

For example, Xtend Barre — a dynamic mix of cardio, Pilates, and ballet barre — includes different choices for movements if you want to skip using weights, for instance, or feel uncomfortable raising your arms over your head.

Because of that, there’s no one who should feel like they have to avoid doing Xtend Barre.

Rogers offers plenty of motivation, helpful cues, and modifications for every single movement in each workout.

If you are injured or are recovering, please talk to your doctor before starting any new workout, including barre.

The Areas Barre Targets

Andrea Rogers leading Xtend Barre workout

Talk about a full-body workout! Barre gives you:

  • a more sculpted core.
  • stronger arms and legs.
  • that perky “barre butt” thanks to focus on the glutes.

Plus, barre can help reduce the risk of injury because you’ll be strengthening the muscles in the back and hips, providing stability throughout for both barre moves and everyday activities (aka it offers the benefits of functional training).

As Rogers says, “You don’t have to do aggressively high-impact cardio for an hour a day to see results.”

Because she also creates Xtend Barre workouts focused on specific muscle groups, you can choose classes and that build strength and definition in areas like your shoulders and arms, core, or lower body.

Will Xtend Barre Improve Flexibility?

Andrea Rogers leading Xtend Barre workout

Absolutely, you’ll see better flexibility through doing Xtend Barre consistently, and that’s not just because of the dynamic stretching.

(Though that part does help and feels so, so good!)

Flexibility comes from a combination of strength and mobility, as your muscles work together to expand your range of motion.

That’s another major benefit of Xtend Barre, since Rogers takes you through work in all planes of movement. (That means you’ll work front and back, side-to-side, and rotationally.)

You Can Do Barre Anywhere, Anytime

Best of all, you can do Xtend Barre workouts wherever you are — at home, in a hotel room, or even in a conference room at work on your lunch break.

“This is a low-impact, accessible workout anyone can do anywhere, anytime, at your own pace,” says Rogers.

Also, because these total-body workouts are shorter versions of a traditional one-hour barre class, you can achieve results in an intense full-body sweat session in half the time.