So, What Is a BODi Block?

So, What Is a BODi Block?

BODi Blocks are simple, sustainable, and the most effective way to reach your goals. Four new fitness plans that start the first Monday of every month.

Each Block features 5 workouts a week for 3 weeks followed by an UP Week (which stands for “Unconditional Progress”) to reset and recover.

Why Are Blocks Such a Breakthrough?

They’re based on block periodization, a proven approach to exercise and recovery that challenges you without overtraining.

It’s all about helping you create consistency with your Health Esteem routine. Your life is busy. Pretending you’re going to work out every day and never eat a cookie is silly.

So we’re ditching the perfection mindset and bringing you new programs every month that you can actually stick to, because they work with real life. Really.

What Does UP Week Stand For?

The fourth week in each BODi Block is your UP Week (short for “Unconditional Progress”), and it’s all about amplifying the positive and building a robust and resilient mindset.

You’ll dial back the intensity of your workouts and emphasize recovery to lock in performance gains and maximize results.

You’re also invited to join Mindset Master Classes led by experts in personal development or dive deeper into powerful mindset content with tools and strategies you can use right away.

You’ll still get your workouts in, but you’ll also hit the refresh button so you never stop improving.

What Are the 4 BODi Block Fitness Plans?

All-BODi Block

If you’re looking for a workout fitness plan that checks all the boxes, you’ve found it!

Join your favorite BODi trainers for an innovative mix of strength training, cardio, core work, and mobility drills that help you get in the best shape of your life faster than you expected (but we knew it all along).

Presented in the Block format that works: 3 weeks, 5 workouts a week for around 30 mins.

Bike Block

Clip in for a fun, well-balanced mix of cycling and strength training that’s big on results.

Each week you’ll encounter a variety of rides — from rolling hills and steep climbs to interval and endurance sessions — as well as targeted weightlifting that will make you stronger on and off the bike.

If you enjoy cycling but also want overall tone and strength, this hybrid plan is for you.

Presented in the Block format that works: 3 weeks, 5 workouts a week for around 30 mins.

Iron Block

Traditional weightlifting paired with cutting-edge split training will help you optimize your muscle-building while dialing up your calorie burn.

It’s your one-stop shop for more lean mass and definition, so get your bench and grab your weights — it’s go time.

Presented in the Block format that works: 3 weeks, 5 workouts a week for around 30 mins.

For Beginners Only Super Block

Whether you’re brand-new to fitness or you’re getting back to it after a break, you’ll want to try the free For Beginners Only Super Block in the BODi library.

So What Is a Super Block?

A Super Block is when our Super Trainers remake one of their most popular programs in the BODi Block format.

This is your chance to revisit your favorite programs — like 21 Day Fix or T25 — with new workouts, new playlists set to popular music, and an entirely new experience.

It’s all about giving you more of what you love, plus a little push to get you where you want to go.

Want to learn more about Super Blocks? Click here.

How Do I Access BODi Blocks & For Beginners Only Super Block?

BODi Blocks and the For Beginners Only Super Block are both free with a BODi Membership.