Ultimate Reset Results: This Couple Lost A Combined 29 Pounds in 21 Days

Ultimate Reset Results: This Couple Lost A Combined 29 Pounds in 21 Days

This husband and wife team took the challenge of resetting to a healthy lifestyle and accomplished that and more in only 3 weeks.  Kristin and John W. lost a combined 29 lbs in just 21 days with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.

Kirsten lost 10 pounds and John lost 19! We talked with them to find out about their experience and success and here is what they had to say about it.

What was your physical and emotional condition like before starting Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset?
John: Coming off the holiday season, and a busy kid’s sports season before that, I was feeling the effects of too much eating out, too many holiday parties and just the “winter blahs.” My pants were all tight and I was dreading finding stuff in the closet that would fit. This all led to being discouraged and that takes a toll on your general disposition. While I knew I needed to make some changes, I was having a hard time finding the motivation to get started.

Kristin: Prior to doing the Reset, I wasn’t in bad shape but I had gained weight due to the death of my mother.  I couldn’t seem to get my eating under control.  Based on prior experience, I knew that doing the Reset was just the discipline I needed to break the stress eating and get back on track.  I was right!

 Why did you choose to do Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset?
J:  I had seen my wife do the Reset on several occasions, and each time I got closer and closer to thinking I would like to try it myself.  I was always a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to “handle” the vegetarian aspect of the Reset but given my circumstances, I was ready to give it a try. I really liked the idea of a 21-day program – I figured I could do anything for 3 weeks.

How was your overall experience on the Reset?
K:  I had a wonderful experience with the Reset.  One, because my husband decided to do it with me this time, so food prep and mealtime was much easier.  I absolutely love the food and recipes provided in the nutrition guide.  Such a great variety of meals and still the flexibility to swap something you’re not fond of or allergic to.  After the first couple of days, I was never hungry.  As a matter of fact, sometimes I couldn’t even finish my meal.  I also loved letting my body heal from the inside out, and I was doing a lot less laundry since I wasn’t exercising.

What were your results with the Ultimate Reset?
J: Results wise – awesome! Down 19 pounds and a bunch of inches.  One of the best results I had with the Reset was my energy level. I used to get to the afternoon at work and would find myself running to get a coffee because I was so drained. On the Reset, I never had that run-down feeling at all.

How has the BB Ultimate Reset changed your body and your life?  What part of your results are you most proud of?
K:  I’m most proud that I pulled myself – or the Reset – pulled me out of my unhealthy pattern.  Even as a fitness instructor, I find that if you don’t watch your nutrition, you can undo your hard physical work.  It was so nice not to have my “middle” top of mind.  Felt much lighter, brighter and happier even after the first few days.

J: The Reset was a great jump-start to getting back to a healthier way of life and provided a great lead-in to getting back into an exercise program (P90X3); I’m not sure of many other programs that could have given me the results I achieved in that limited amount of time. I still have a lot of work to do but seeing the results gives you the motivation to really jump in and keep going to see more improvement.  It was good to go to the closet and not dreading trying to find something to wear where I didn’t risk blowing the button off.

How important was it to have the support of others during your Ultimate Reset experience?
J:  I did the Reset along with my wife Kristin. Having someone going through the Reset right along with me was critical and would be highly recommended for everyone. It was also great to post in Kristin’s Facebook group page – it helps keep you accountable and in turn may also encourage others.

K:  As a Beachbody Coach, I have been supporting people with their health and fitness goals for years.  It’s truly that support that makes the difference in someone’s success.  So, putting it out there to my groups that I was “Resetting” helped hold me accountable to my goal.  I also love all of the tools available including Facebook groups for questions.  It is a very user-friendly program with lots of support.

Amazing job John and Kristin!  Way to get after it and set yourselves up for success.

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