CIZE Results: Silvana Lost 8 Pounds!

CIZE Results: Silvana Lost 8 Pounds!

Silvana D. was looking for something to increase her energy and confidence. Her goal was to build a healthy lifestyle that she can teach her future children. With CIZE’s fun dance routine and music she feels like she created a healthy lifestyle for herself – plus she lost 8 pounds!

“Before I began CIZE, I had no energy and I just felt like sleeping all day. I had a daily headache that kept me from having a normal smooth day, and I wouldn’t change in front of my husband, because I was ashamed of my body. I was a mess and I knew I had to do something about it.

What inspired me to start my journey was the thought of enjoying a long happy life with my husband and preparing for our future children.  Although I am not a mother yet, I want to make sure I can be around for my family and I want to have the energy to play with my kids.

With CIZE I lost 8 pounds and gained so much energy and confidence! CIZE gets me going! When I hear “Treasure,” I start dancing because I know the routine and I know what I am doing. Shaun T makes it so much fun. I love his personality and how he dances!

I always felt like I was an okay dancer, but CIZE made me so much better! When I am CIZING it up I feel so free! I feel like a professional dancer. It’s super fun! I feel sexy and beautiful. When my friends saw my results, they commented on how great I look.  Now, they want to try CIZE!

Thanks to my new lifestyle, now my husband and I workout together every night. I am so proud that the change I made in myself is having a positive effect on my family.”

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