Transformation Tuesday: Nicole Lost 21 Pounds by Following Modifiers!

Transformation Tuesday: Nicole Lost 21 Pounds by Following Modifiers!

Nicole had lingering pain from a herniated disc and knee pain. She wanted to get back in shape but found she couldn’t get through some more intense programs. She learned about P90 and got into amazing shape! In 90 days, she lost 21 pounds and was able to follow a modifier whenever she needed. Here’s her story in her own words:

I bent over one day to tie my shoes and bounced back a little. My stomach got in the way of tying my shoes! My “fat” jeans were too tight and  I felt awful about the way I looked. Then I saw an infomercial about P90. It had been years since I worked out – I have a back injury and my knees were always in pain. Carrying around 20 extra pounds made my back injury so much worse. I also love to swim, but even that seemed to hurt my back. I couldn’t really do a whole lot or I’d throw out my back. It’s a catch 22 really – you want to work out so your back doesn’t hurt but you can’t because your back hurts. I have a friend that’s a coach so I called and asked her advice. She knows about my injuries, and she assured me that P90 was a great program for someone like me. I did more research into the program and decided to give it a shot. P90 seems to speak to those that are out of shape or injured. I was both.

I really liked Tony Horton as a trainer! He’s funny, motivational, encouraging, and manages to makes me laugh when I’m shaking and sweating. He always says just “hit it” or “push play.” It’s so true! On days when I didn’t want to work out, I would remember his saying and just get up and do it. It’s so hard sometimes to hit play, but knowing he’ll be there to make me laugh and help me get in the best shape of my life is all the motivation I need!

These workouts are achievable! I love the Ab Ripper workouts, and the modifiers are so awesome! In the beginning I couldn’t do much for fear I’d hurt myself, but having someone tone it down to meet my physical levels helped so much. It kept me going to the very end every day! Even though I didn’t look pretty doing them at first, I could still do it. That made all the difference in the world.

Just about everyone has noticed a change. I even had someone come up to me and ask what I’d been doing – I told her and now she asks me all the time about P90 and Beachbody. Basically, people are shocked. My sister is beyond words at times. She has started to lose weight and will begin P90 soon. I’m so happy that, in some small way, I can help people make healthier choices. It’s all so amazing. 

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