Transformation Tuesday: Monette Lost 26 Pounds with FOCUS T25!

Transformation Tuesday: Monette Lost 26 Pounds with FOCUS T25!

Monette was tired of feeling depressed, exhausted, and hopeless, so she decided to take a chance and order FOCUS T25. She stuck with it and lost 26 pounds and 32.5 inches! Read her amazing story in her own words below:

It started with going went to a friend’s wedding. I love to dance and so my loving husband danced the night away with me. Later, my friend texted me a picture of my husband and I dancing. I burst into tears. I had a smile on my face, but I didn’t recognize the woman in the picture. I could see nothing but rolls and fat. I knew I had to do something, so the next day I ordered FOCUS T25.

It was really hard at first, but I wanted to lose weight and get into a workout routine. In the Alpha round, Total Body Circuit was my biggest challenge and my favorite workout. Most days I felt like I barely made it, but when I finished I felt like I had conquered Mt. Everest and each week was a challenge to do better than the last. I didn’t get bored because I was still continuously challenged by it each week.  

Before starting FOCUS T25, my body hurt everywhere. I had a lot of belly fat and so my core was extremely weak. I would go up a couple stairs and be exhausted. I had no endurance and was very fatigued. Now, I love my body and know it is only going to get better. FOCUS T25 was the perfect workout for the busy person who wants to shed weight and gain more mobility and confidence. It is intense and you feel like you did an hour at the gym, but you spent half that time. Shaun T is the perfect motivator – I enjoyed every second of the pain and hard work. It is also easy to do in a small space like a hotel room and with the modified version available it is perfect for any fitness level. 

I feel so much stronger now. I can hold a plank for over a minute. I work the night shift and am constantly complimented on my endurance and cheerful attitude. FOCUS T25 has truly changed my life. I am a better mom and wife because of what this transformation has done for me. I lost weight and gained confidence and energy.  I can run with my 3 little kids, I can talk about working out with my 17-year-old son, I don’t want to just sleep all day. I feel beautiful and confident. If I achieved anything from this program it was getting my life back and feeling better about who I am. 

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