Transformation Tuesday: Losing Baby Weight with Shaun T

Transformation Tuesday: Losing Baby Weight with Shaun T

Ashley S. found that she had gained some weight after giving birth to her daughter, and wanted to make a change. She found FOCUS T25 and INSANITY and used them to get back into shape…and then some! Way to go, Ashley! Read her story in her own words below:

I had been skinny all my life until I had my daughter. I put on about 35 pounds while pregnant and I had a c-section. Not being able to move around very well for three months made all that baby weight plus some stay on my body. I hated the way I looked, I never wanted to go out anywhere, and just the thought of putting clothes on that would end up making me look round was horrifying. I could not accept looking the way I did! I felt very depressed about it for a long time, any workouts I tried to stick to just weren’t working right or fast enough for me. I was even embarrassed to go out and run around my neighborhood.

When my little brother was in Afghanistan he found Beachbody, started working out and became a coach. He ended up getting my entire family on a workout program and Shakeology. It took me a while to find a program I really liked, so it was difficult for me to stay committed to one program from start to finish. When Josh told me about T25 I really wanted to try it. I waited to see the informercial about it, and after I watched it I loved that program without having tried it yet! T25 was and still is amazing!! I have come to realize that I was having a hard time sticking to my other programs because I wasn’t strong enough or that I didn’t have enough endurance to push myself through them and feel more than failure. But now I feel like I could do anything! And it’s all a huge thanks to my little brother!

I loved the results and loved how strong I became. I started Insanity after T25. This time around I was able to do all the moves and keep up with them. I was strong enough physically to complete each workout and more confident in my ability to finish the program! Shaun T is an amazing trainer, motivator and person. His videos helped me reach my goals and more!

I knew I would lose weight but never thought I would gain muscle! And I must say, I absolutely love it! I have become myself again. I don’t have to constantly be upset or depressed about how I look in front of my husband or other people. I can be the happy go lucky person I am and be proud of what I have accomplished!

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