Transformation Tuesday: Gary Lost 43.4 Pounds With FOCUS T25!

Transformation Tuesday: Gary Lost 43.4 Pounds With FOCUS T25!

Gary had seen success with Beachbody programs before, but stress led him to slowly gain the weight back. Wanting to recommit to his health, he decided to try FOCUS T25. His success was undeniable, and he lost 43.4 pounds and 31.25 inches in just 18 weeks of FOCUS T25. Read how he did it in his own words below:

I had really let myself go. I had seen success with Beachbody products before, but with the economic downturn last year, I began to stress. I had relapsed into lounging around and eating whatever was convenient. I had nearly outgrown all of my clothes. I finally stumbled across an old photo of myself from before Beachbody. The photo looked way too familiar, and I had never felt more ashamed. I needed to remind myself of what I was and what I could be. 

I know that it can sometimes be hard to find a spare minute in your day. That’s the main reason I chose FOCUS T25. 25 minutes a day is a lot easier to squeeze into a busy schedule. It took away all my excuses, and it soon became less of something I needed to do. I started looking forward to it, and it became truly one of the best parts of my day. 

By the end of the FOCUS T25 Alpha round, I felt pretty good. I was able to slowly push through the workouts longer each day before needing to modify. After that, the Beta round kicked my butt! By the time I finished that, I could really tell a difference in my endurance. The change was good! I loved having the workouts change it up midway through. It challenged me to constantly push myself. 

I have now lost 43.3 pounds and 31.25 inches with FOCUS T25. I have so much more energy, and I smile more. Sure, losing the weight and inches was great, but being able to look in the mirror and smile instead of looking away in shame feels incredible. 

†Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

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