Transformation Tuesday: Emily Lost 21.7 Pounds with TurboFire!

Transformation Tuesday: Emily Lost 21.7 Pounds with TurboFire!

Emily was feeling depressed and wanted to lose some weight and improve her life. She found TurboFire, and with it, lost 21.7 pounds and 16 inches! Keep reading to see how TurboFire changed Emily’s life, as told by her!

We had gone through kind of a slump in our lives and I was in a state of depression. I was very thin in college and slowly had found myself hovering near 200 lbs. I literally woke up one day and felt like I just needed to take control of my life. I felt insecure. That about sums up every area of my life and how it was affected by my weight. I was insecure and that translated into depression that drove my life.

I started the TurboFire program because a friend had success with it. At first it felt a little overwhelming, but I loved Chalene’s upbeat, fiery personality and felt inspired to keep trying. It wasn’t long before I was seeing physical changes but feeling more like the self I missed so much. I almost felt like it was tailor made for me… Just when I would get too tired Chalene would be extra encouraging from the screen. She says it in the videos, but I felt blessed to work alongside both her and her class each day. For added fun, my kiddos sing the songs from the workout videos around the house. It always makes me laugh. 

Before completing TurboFire, I just felt tired a lot – and insecure. I would shy away from being in pictures, even with family. Or I would shy away from any kind of activity that was too physical because I didn’t want to embarrass myself and show how out of shape I was truly in. My husband is a strong runner… he loves to run marathons and rock climbs on a regular basis, both of which I never felt like I could join him in. Last year I ran my first 5k and went to the rock climbing gym with him for the first time. Being fit and creating an emphasis in my own life has strengthened our marriage and our family. Our kids are evening learning to make healthier choices on their own. And I LOVE that- it’s so rewarding to see! 

I just have energy for life these days that I don’t remember having before starting the program! I now do things like park farther from the door, or walk to pick up my little from school on purpose! I feel energized and have a new zeal for life. 
As goofy as this sounds, I feel like the world is mine to just live in and love. 
I am loving encouraging my family in our habits of health and am loving what their own lives are becoming all because I said yes to that first workout.

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