Transformation Tuesday: Dan Lost 20.8 Pounds With P90X3!

Transformation Tuesday: Dan Lost 20.8 Pounds With P90X3!

With his 40th birthday approaching, Dan was starting to feel self-conscious about his body. He wanted to tone up and see some abs! He decided to try P90X3 and saw amazing results. After just one round, he lost 20.8 pounds and 2 inches! Read about his experience in his own words below:

I was turning 40, and I wanted to see if I had what it takes to get back into shape. I felt sluggish and ate whatever I wanted. I only felt okay. I wanted to set my body up for success! 

My goals were to get lean muscle. I wanted 6 pack abs! Tony made the workouts fun. They were hard for sure, but only for the first few minutes. Then it was on to the next exercise. 

The biggest challenge for me was my commitment. Setting aside time each day can be hard! I found that I work better when doing my workouts after my family was already in bed. P90X3 worked for me, but you have to be disciplined enough to commit every day. 

I was absolutely satisfied with my results! Before, I was working out for an hour a day in the gym and didn’t see the results. I exceeded my goals! I can’t believe how defined my body got and how much weight I lost. I haven’t seen abs like these since my teenage years!

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