Transformation Tuesday: Chad Lost 43 Pounds with P90!

Transformation Tuesday: Chad Lost 43 Pounds with P90!

Chad H. was starting to get a “hang-over” his belt and thought all hope was lost – but he decided to get a re-introduction to fitness, and chose P90. In 90 days, he lost 43 pounds and 20 inches and changed his life! Read his story in his own words, right here:

I needed to get new pants because all that I had were getting too small again. When none of the stores had my size, they suggested that I go to the Big & Tall store. At this point I knew that I had to make a change.

I chose P90 because it had been about 15 years since I had last exercised and I needed something that could get me back in the routine. I also needed something that I thought I could stick with. P90 was my re-introduction to fitness and changing my lifestyle.

I’m sure many of the health and physical problems I’ve had for a while have been the result of being overweight. My knees constantly hurt and I had a severe meniscal tear about 4 years ago that required surgery to repair. I also suffered a shoulder injury about 2 years ago that probably could have been prevented had I been in better physical condition. This also required a surgery. Most recently, I started having back pain that started gradually but got very bad about 1 year ago. My left leg started going numb and my back hurt anytime I moved. I went to physical therapy and they found I had a disc that was starting to bulge and that is what was causing the pain and numbness. The therapist gave me exercises to do but told me the best thing would be to lose weight.

My weight prevented me from doing a lot of things. I was uncomfortable walking, sleeping, sitting, and standing. I wasn’t able to play around with my kids because I was always so tired. Unfortunately, I was setting a very bad example for my 11-year-old son and he started gaining weight and being sedentary too.

I searched the internet for about a week to find an exercise program that I thought I could do and stick with. There were several programs that you can do at the gym and even some to do in your home. I liked P90 for several reasons: 1. I didn’t have to go anywhere to do it; 2. There were modifications available for things that I couldn’t do when I started. 3. It was something I could do with my wife. 4. The focus of the program wasn’t to look like I was in my 20’s. Instead, it was about getting healthy and feeling good so you can enjoy life.

It was fun to start each phase of the program. When I started each phase I thought, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do this, but the way Tony motivates you and gives you modifications gets you to the point you can do it all. My favorite workout was Sculpt C. It is amazing the transformation your body can make using balance and isometric training. 

In the beginning I followed the modifier a lot! I couldn’t even do 30 seconds of jumping jacks! The modifier gives you the ability to do most of the regular exercise and prepare your body and mind so within several days you can do the full exercise. A lot of people quit programs because they can’t do all of the exercises. With P90 there is no excuse!

I have been able to resume doing almost everything I couldn’t do before. I can play around in the yard with my kids, swim, walk and I even ran a little a few weeks ago. My energy level has been a lot higher which has made me happier. My family tells me that I seem so much happier now.

The thing I like the most is the way I feel after a workout! It carries through the rest of my day. If you do the program right, you will find it’s not easy (if it’s easy you’re not doing it right) but totally worth it for the way you look and feel as you progress. There is nothing better than having someone come up to you and say, “Wow! You’ve shrunk!”

I reached my goal weight after 90 days. I feel much better than I thought I would at the end of the program. As far as my fitness level goes, I still have a ways to go. I’d like to lose more weight and build more strength. Since finishing P90, my wife and I have gone back and done some of the different phases again. I’ve also done some of the 10 Minute Trainer programs. Our plan is to start P90X3 in a couple of weeks. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous! But I know Tony will motivate me to get through it!

I feel great now! I’m no longer embarrassed of the way I look. I think I even look younger now. I know that changing my lifestyle was very important in order to live a happy life as I get older.

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