Transformation Tuesday: Bill Lost 23.5 Pounds with P90!

Transformation Tuesday: Bill Lost 23.5 Pounds with P90!

Meet Bill, a member of the P90 test group here at Beachbody! Bill had been looking forward to his retirement, but realized that after a long time of being inactive, he was not in good shape to enjoy it. He did P90, and lost 23.5 pounds in 90 days! Here’s what Bill thought about his experience:

I basically stopped exercising when I was in my early thirties, so it’s been about twenty-five  years since I’ve done anything active or for myself. I’ve tried multiple diet plans with varying results. My doctor had been warning me, and frankly I was just tired of looking at myself. I was significantly overweight and I just did the best I could to hide it – cover it up with clothing and just not being present or getting out there. Before P90 I really didn’t have the energy, nor did I have the confidence in my appearance to go out and be around people. I decided to take life by the short hairs. I did not want to live the life that I was genetically pre-disposed to live. I’m getting closer to retirement, I wanted to be active, I wanted to enjoy the hard work that I’ve put in my whole career. I’ve been doing P90 for 90 days, and I’ve lost 23.5 pounds and about 9.5 inches in total. I’m really pleased with the strength, endurance and balance I’ve gained as well. 

I did not believe that I could achieve these kind of results in 90 days, but the way the program is designed, it eases you in, it gets you started, builds upon itself. The results come quickly – I saw them in the first 30 days – and the results just kept coming.  It’s not crazy intense, like some of these other programs you’ve heard about. Especially for guys that are in their retirement. They’re looking to get in shape, they’re looking to get active again, and they’re asking me about it. I explain what P90 is, and the difference is that it’s approachable, that you can ease into it, get started and then build on the challenging exercise components. The way P90 is set up, it eases you in initially, and then sets the stage for even more intricate and challenging options if you choose. It’s designed to be doable. As you see results you can ramp it up at your pace. 

90 days with this P90 program has completely wiped the damage that I’ve done to myself over twenty-five years of sedentary lifestyle. If you’ve been away from physical activity for any period of time, this is a great program. Everything’s mapped out for you. It’s so easy to use and so easy to apply. I never dreamed I’d be able to get myself in this kind of condition. I’ve lived through my twenties, my thirties, my forties, and I’m in the best shape of my life in my middle fifties and I’m going to get to retire in this kind of health. 

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