Tony Horton’s Walking Dead Workout

Tony Horton’s Walking Dead Workout

Walking Dead Workout Tony Horton zombies

The zombies are coming! Are you prepared to battle the walking dead?

If you need some help training for the zombie apocalypse, look no further than Tony Horton. He’s put together an epic workout that will get you into top zombie-fighting shape. With strength, speed, and the right tools, Tony will turn you into a zombie-fighting warrior in just six moves.

In this mini workout, Tony wastes no time when it comes to your training. He starts off with the Walking Dead March that will get your blood pumping and your core warmed up, then he moves into the Dead Lift Back Lunge, which tests your balance and strengthens your legs. The situation really gets serious when you’ve got to start doing the Widespread Global Epidemic Squats. This move works your core from every direction and helps you hop over defeated zombies along your way.

You’re halfway to safety when you make it to the water. Since zombies can’t swim, you have to Row To Safety, which lets you work on your six-pack at the same time. Once you get to the other side of the river, you find even more zombies waiting for you. A group of them is jumping of a garage, so you have to hit them with Squat Blockers. There’s no time to get tired when you’re life is at stake, so keep it up! Finally, it’s time to really finish off the job and bring out the last move: Zombie Killers. Things get a little intense with this move, but it’s the last thing you have to do to reach safety.

Did you make it through? If you did, you are a certified zombie hunter and walking dead warrior! You also got an intense workout in the process. Watch the video below to follow along.