SHIFT SHOP: Behind the Scenes

SHIFT SHOP: Behind the Scenes

If you’ve ever thought, “I can’t do this,” or, “This is too hard for me,” in the middle of a workout, then you need to watch this behind-the-scenes video of the new SHIFT SHOP Proving Grounds workouts.

Team Beachbody Coach Tulin Emre is the modifier for the workouts; she was also in the original SHIFT SHOP Coach test group in 2017, so she’s no stranger to Chris Downing’s tough workouts.

Recently, while filming the SHIFT SHOP Proving Grounds, Tulin hit a wall at the end of one of the workouts.

But she didn’t stop.

Super Trainer Chris Downing and other cast members rallied around Tulin. They encouraged her, supported her, and helped her find that extra gear so she could finish the workout strong.

If you need some motivation for your next workout, watch how Tulin crushed that wall:

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