Transform :20 — Get Ready for Your Transformation

Transform :20 — Get Ready for Your Transformation

You’re ready to take your fitness goals to the next level.

Instead of chasing a certain size or number on the scale, you want to completely reshape your body and your mindset.

If that rings true, a body transformation program can help make it happen.

This empowering approach to fitness is all about building serious strength and confidence — and seeing amazing, life-changing results from your hard work.

What to Expect From a Body Transformation Program

The results from a body transformation program go way beyond weight loss.

Yes, you’ll burn fat — but you’ll also sculpt muscle and feel stronger than ever.

Better yet, you’ll supercharge your motivation and level up your confidence, which will help you feel happier in every aspect of your life.

So how long does a body transformation process take?

With Transform :20, you can transform your body and mind in just 20 minutes a day, six days a week, for six weeks.

Transform :20 is a total-body, fat-burning workout with zero breaks and no repeats.

Every day, you’ll tackle a new workout with Shaun T that challenges you to push your limits — all while torching calories and targeting your core, legs, glutes, and upper body.

No matter your age or your fitness level, if you do the work, you’ll see results.

All in?

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when you kick off a body transformation program.

1. Focus on consistency

A full-body transformation can’t happen overnight — it takes commitment and dedication.

“Everyone’s body is different, and many different factors can make results vary — but consistency is key!” says Amanda Lopez, Beachbody’s Technical Fitness Advisor.

“Nothing beats workout consistency, recovery days, an adequate amount of sleep, drinking enough water, and nutritious food.”

With Transform :20, your six-week commitment is broken down into three chapters:

  • Commit — two weeks to get your head in the game and build a solid fitness foundation
  • Climb —two weeks to dig deeper and dial up the intensity
  • Conquer — two weeks to really find out what you’re made of and achieve your mind and body transformation

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on slow, consistent growth and you’ll see big changes over time.

2. Set realistic goals

A full body transformation may be your end game, but setting SMART goals along the way can help you chart your course and track your progress.

Those mini-goals should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

“Setting short-term realistic goals and accomplishing those can really help keep you motivated to stay in it for the long run,” Lopez says.

3. Don’t get hung up on the scale

The scale can be a helpful tool to track progress, but it may not always reflect the positive changes you see in the mirror.

As you lose fat and gain muscle, you may hit a weight loss plateau — or even gain a few pounds.

Remember that the number on the scale only tells a small part of your story.

“Don’t make everything about numbers!” Lopez says. “Your weight isn’t everything. Keep in mind how your body feels or even how your clothes are feeling on you.”

Measuring your body fat percentage can be a more reliable metric for tracking your transformation. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Bathroom scales with bioelectrical impedance technology
  • Skinfold measurements using calipers
  • A DEXA scan at a sports science lab
  • Hydrostatic (underwater) weighing

Measuring your body fat percentage can help you see how your body composition is changing — beyond what the scale says.

4. Expect to transform your outlook, too

A successful body transformation program will help you overhaul your mindset — not just your physique.

When you commit to Transform :20, you’ll definitely push your physical limits.

But with Shaun T’s encouragement, you’ll also learn to conquer your mind — tuning out negative self-talk and trusting your own motivation.

What Does a Body Transformation Program Include?

“An effective body transformation program should include working the full body, getting you sweaty, and keeping your body moving!” Lopez says.

That typically includes:

  • Cardio

A calorie-torching cardio workout can burn fat, improve endurance, and help you create a calorie deficit for weight loss transformation.

“A high-calorie burn is helpful when talking about burning more calories than you consume in order to lose weight,” Lopez says.

  • Strength training

“Strength training, on the other hand, is more effective for building muscle which ultimately helps boost your metabolism,” Lopez says. “Transform :20 mixes in both types of training to keep your body guessing!”

If you’re just getting started, don’t worry — there are always modification options available to make the moves accessible to everyone.

Nutrition also plays a key role in body transformation, so when you commit to Transform :20, you’ll get a nutrition guide to help you find the best plan to fuel your body.

Last but not least, your workout transformation plan should be fun. “It should be something that you enjoy doing, because you’ll always look forward to it,” Lopez adds.

Why Transform :20 Is Great for a Body Transformation

With Transform :20, Beachbody and Shaun T have created a step program that’s nothing like old-school step aerobics.

Less dance and more functional, it will help you sculpt your glutes, chisel your abs, strengthen and define your upper body, and burn fat all over.

“Transform :20 has different and unique workouts every day so you won’t get bored!” Lopez says. “It also works your total body — legs, glutes, upper body, and even your core.”

No repeats. No excuses. And no weights required — it’s just you, Shaun T, and a step, six days a week for six weeks.

This intense workout will be the most productive 20 minutes of your day.

It’s fast, it’s hard, and you’re going to sweat, but the results will be worth it.

“All you need is a step and your body in order to see results in 20 minutes because there are no breaks — it is nonstop work!” Lopez says.

After five minutes, you’ll be breathing hard. At 10 minutes, you’ll be sweating and your muscles will be burning.

At 15 minutes, you’ll be watching the clock.

And by minute 20, you’ll be done, exhausted, and proud of yourself.

Shaun T also created weekly behind-the-scenes videos featuring him and the cast as they discuss their own challenges, with the goal of motivating everyone to stay committed and strong.

This is everyone getting to WORK and getting it DONE, together.

It’s time to step up!