Sarah Lost 11 Pounds with PiYo and 3-Day Refresh!

Sarah Lost 11 Pounds with PiYo and 3-Day Refresh!

Sarah H. had some pretty remarkable results using PiYo and 3-Day Refresh! Two weeks into her PiYo program, she added in a 3-Day Refresh to give her an extra boost physically and emotionally. After the 60 days of PiYo, including 3 days of 3-Day Refresh, Sarah had lost 11 pounds and 19 inches from her entire body!

“Physically, I felt bloated all of the time. With the summer months I was starting to let my nutrition slip away. I just felt very tired all the time. I had little energy with all the poor food decisions I was making. Emotionally, I felt a lot of anxiety, my mood was being affected by not being able to concentrate and I just had that moment of defeat with my nutrition. I needed a restart and a boost, but one that was going to help me even after my 3-Day Refresh. What appealed to me most about when I first heard about PiYo was that it was low impact. I had just healed from a stress fracture on my left foot and I wanted to do a program that would be low impact and would deliver awesome toning results while I was recovering.

I was on day 14 of PiYo when I began 3-Day Refresh. After the final day I felt refreshed. I felt my anxiety levels drop a ton. My focus was clearer, lots of energy, I felt as though I was able to accomplish this because in the beginning I thought 3 days was going to be too much for me but I was able to overcome it, and after the 3 days I felt better with my physical results and my emotional results. For a Monday morning I was literally running to work and I actually had to do a cartwheel in my apartment before I left for work because I just had so much good energy!

The Vanilla Fresh shake tasted like Vanilla Shakeology to me, which I really enjoy. The Fiber Sweep drink reminded me of the Energy & Endurance Formula. The taste and texture of both drinks were easy to drink and for a picky eater like me I was able to drink them easily on the go! I plan to do the 3-Day Refresh at least once a month. I would absolutely recommend 3-Day Refresh to anyone who wants to take a jump into clean eating, reset from a vacation or holiday weekend. I have been telling people about my results and they have been very interested especially in how much water can really help you everyday and how much nutrition is such a key role in any fitness program.

I love that PiYo is low impact and that there was a modifier in every workout. I loved the fact that I did not have to pick up a single weight during 60 days of PiYo. Instead I just used my body and it felt amazing to get the stretch out and have the benefits of yoga and pilates mixed into one awesome program.

The changes I saw in my body were absolutely awesome! I look at my before and after side photo and just notice how much difference in toning there now is! The amount of inches I lost around my waist is incredible! I felt the toning everywhere. My arms, my glutes, my abs and my thighs were all leaning out! I used to have horrible neck and back pain before PiYo and those pains are no longer there because PiYo has strengthened both my neck and my back. Even my massage therapist noticed the significant changes! I can’t believe in 60 days I lost 19 inches all over my body and I didn’t do heavy cardio or lift heavy weights. I was literally drenched in sweat with every workout.

I noticed many changes with toning throughout my entire body. Clothing just started to feel and look better on me. I used to not be able to fit into dresses due to my body proportions. I used to have to have them tailored to fit my height and my waist and hips. After PiYo I tried on dresses that fit me! I also noticed a lot of toning in my legs! Specifically my calves. When I would wear tights you could tell the muscle definition I was gaining from PiYo. When I took my after photos I couldn’t even wear the original shorts I had on because they were falling off of me! The arm muscle strength I developed from PiYo was awesome because I used to love doing handstands when I was on dance team. I lost the arm strength before and now I can do handstands again! This shows me how much more muscle strength I have in my arms.

Overall, I feel like I really sculpted my body with a low impact workout and I can see the changes all around. Not just physically but emotionally as well.”

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