P90X2 Results: Paulo Lost 26 Pounds in Two Rounds

P90X2 Results: Paulo Lost 26 Pounds in Two Rounds

Paulo had completed P90X in the past but wanted to tighten up his diet and get the best results he possibly could. He liked P90X and Tony Horton, so he decided to try P90X2 and work on his functional fitness. He did two rounds and lost 26 pounds and 19 inches in 180 days! Check out his story in his own words, right here:

“I had already gone through a few programs, and I had not yet gotten the results I was looking for so I decided I needed to do something else. P90X2 was the best choice. I really enjoyed P90X and how Tony motivated me, so I thought X2 would be just as fun. As it turned out it was even better than I was expecting!

Before starting P90X2, I did have energy but I was not completely satisfied with my physical appearance. Though I did look much better than I did before I started my transformation, I had not achieved my goals. Therefore, my emotional side was not at where I would like to be. I was not depressed, but I wasn’t as happy as I am now. My primary goal was to see if Tony could bring something more exciting than P90X, and he did. My other primary goal was to have my body healthier, look healthier, and decrease the amount of body fat. Check, check, check…

Life is very busy. I have to drive 2 hours every day to and from work, plus an 8-hour shift, so 10 hours of my day is gone. I always dedicate at least one hour to my workouts, and then I have to give attention to my fiancé, play with my dog, take care of the house, prepare food for the day and next days meals. I really enjoyed how the routines were different every three weeks. So I liked that each phase of the program had different workouts so that I was always having to focus and keep my mind on the workout. It never became monotonous.

I am much more flexible and have more energy and also my body is stronger than ever before. I work with agriculture and I am always out in the field collecting data, samples, digging holes, taking soil samples, so being in the best shape of my life right now is just going to make my work much more enjoyable. Everyone is saying how I look good and skinny. But those that see me without a shirt on are the ones that really comment and they are very impressed with my appearance.

I feel like I can now accomplish anything. I always thought that having the body I have now was not for me and that only athletes could look this good… Wrong, I can too! So as a result, both my physical and emotional status have improved. I am not in the same shape I was in neither high school nor college; I am in the best shape I could ever be! P90X2 is not going to change your body, it will transform your life! Be ready for it, and don’t fall behind!”


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