Let’s Ignite Your Spark With Mindset on BODi

Let’s Ignite Your Spark With Mindset on BODi

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If you’ve ever taken a deep breath before jumping into a difficult task, struck a power pose before an important meeting, or jotted down three things you’re grateful for before sleep, then you already know.

You know that a positive mindset can make all the difference in your day, your week, and your life.

But, as powerful as these habits can be, they can also be oh-so hard to stick with. Days get busy, to-do lists grow, and distraction reigns.

How do we not only make time to create a positive outlook but make it part of our routine?

Welcome to Mindset

Hosted by Petra Kolber, our VP of Personal Development & Mindset (and respected expert in the field of personal development), our Mindset content and tools will show you how to take care of yourself (because you love yourself) and stay on track with weekly motivation, monthly inspiration, and daily community support.

Monday QuickShift and Friday ThinkSpace videos help you start and end each week with intention.

Most of us struggle with positive vibes on a Monday morning. So, every Monday, we’ll share a QuickShift video from our monthly guest speaker with the motivation boost you need to set your week up for success.

And when Friday rolls around and you’re tempted to sink into the couch and let the week fade into a blur, we’ll be there, too.

In each Friday’s ThinkSpace video, our monthly guest speaker will help you reflect on your wins of the week and prepare your brain for the wonderful weekend ahead.

In addition, this is also when we’ll answer a few questions from our Mindset Facebook Community members about the monthly topic.

Listen to experts share what we call ‘evidence-based inspiration’ in Monthly Master Classes.

Each month, experts in positive psychology, personal development, and motivation lead us through a Mindset Master Class on a different theme, from the science of living a happier life to managing stress, grit and resilience, willpower, and self-esteem.

The first Monthly Master Class is called Happiness Habits.

Discover how much influence you have over your own well-being. (Spoiler: it’s more than you think.)

Learn why your brain can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. And pick up 5 happiness habits you can implement immediately.

This is the happiness master class you didn’t know you needed.

You need a boost and we know someone who wants to give you one.

Of course you can’t wait for this content to launch. We can’t either!

Until then, join our Facebook Community group where Petra Kolber hosts live sessions every Friday to help you tap into your personal power.

The community there is already thriving, and we can drop in anytime we need a little sunshine.