Meet the CORE DE FORCE Modifier

Meet the CORE DE FORCE Modifier

The CORE DE FORCE modifier, Jessica Talbi, shares how the program helped her get thinner, stronger, and unleash her inner badass.


What do you love most about CORE DE FORCE?

I love the theme of fighting for something. The message is: “Fight for it!” Before doing the program, I was losing the fight with fitness. I had gained 20 pounds and I couldn’t figure out how to win that fight. CORE DE FORCE gave me the road map of how to win the fight. After 90 days, I slimmed down dramatically. I lost 11 pounds and 25 inches, and I could hold plank for five minutes so I was much stronger than when I started. Also, I have such a sense of pride — I can’t emphasize that enough.


How has doing CORE DE FORCE improved your life?

It gave me back something that I had lost. I had lost my confidence and the stresses of life had gotten the best of me. CORE DE FORCE gave me my confidence and self-worth back. It’s such an empowering program. With all the kicks and punches, you feel like a badass. It really makes you feel like you can do anything. I’ve become the best version of myself — I’m stronger and more confident.


Is technique important with CORE DE FORCE?

To get results in this workout, especially a stronger core, technique is really important. Since I was the modifier, I had to take the moves slower, which actually was a good thing because I got to really learn the technique. Now that I’m more fit and can keep up with the instructors, I’ve set myself up for success.


What was your nutrition like while on the program?

All the Beachbody nutritionals helped get me through the workouts. Shakeology, Beachbody Performance Energize before every workout, and Beachbody Performance Recover after every workout were the main things I ate, along with a healthy diet. It all tastes good. I love it.


What are your future goals?

I’m currently a Master Trainer, which means I train fitness instructors to be Beachbody LIVE instructors. I’ve also been teaching the kickboxing program Turbo Kick LIVE for eight years, and my goal is to become a CORE DE FORCE LIVE instructor. Also, CORE DE FORCE has taught me so many cool moves from a variety of martial arts that I plan to bring into my classes. So, as a fitness instructor, I have more in my tool box.


What is your advice for people new to CORE DE FORCE?

The best advice I can give anyone trying this program is to do it slowly, with control, so that you learn the technique correctly and really feel it in the core as you progress. The footwork can be difficult, but don’t get frustrated and don’t give up. Watch the short “Learn it & Work it” instructional videos before each workout to learn the technique. You’re not going to be good at it right away and you have to be OK with that. With practice, you’ll get over the hump of learning the moves and you’ll start kicking butt and seeing results.

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