No-Cook Meal Prep for the 5,000–7,000 Calorie Level

No-Cook Meal Prep for the 5,000–7,000 Calorie Level

We get it, meal prep can be tough.

You have to set aside a chunk of your valuable weekend to plan your meals, fight the grocery store crowds to gather all the ingredients, and then toil away in the kitchen for hours.

To help you crush your weekly meal prep, we created this no-cook meal plan. No turning on the oven, heating a pan, or boiling water in a pot.

Since this meal prep plan will free up a lot of your time, you’ll have some extra time to spend working out. We know you’ve been eyeing all those workouts on Beachbody On Demand, and now is the perfect opportunity to try them!

(Pro tip: Do you know what day it is?)

Meal Prep Menu for the 5,000–7,000 Calorie Level

Breakfast: Two donuts, one cream-filled and one jelly-filled. Or a bear claw.

Morning Snack: Pretzels or candy corn

Lunch: Pepperoni pizza with a side of ranch dressing

Afternoon Snack: Potato chips and/or gummy bears

Dinner: General Tso’s Chicken, lo mein, or fried rice

Evening Snack: Cupcakes. All the cupcakes.

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This is the most important meal of the day, so be sure to choose at least two donuts to start your day off right.

Aim for variety, like cream-filled or jelly donuts. We found one that looks like a bear claw; now how’s that for a power breakfast?!

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Pizza is the food of champions, so naturally, it’s included in this epic meal prep. Pepperoni counts as a protein, amirite? Dip a slice into some ranch dressing and you’ll get the full caloric explosion of this mighty afternoon meal.

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This meal prep plan lets you take your choice of not one, not two, but three different dinner options.

Order up some Chinese takeout and dive into a container of General Tso’s Chicken, lo mein, or fried rice. There might be some broccoli or scallions that fall into the mix, but you can just pick around them so you can truly stick to this plan.

Feel free to wash your food down with your favorite beer. It’s important to stay hydrated!

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This plan contains a morning snack, afternoon snack, and evening snack (also known as dessert). Don’t skimp out on this part of the menu.

If you feel that you need a few additional handfuls of gummy bears, that’s okay! More “fruit-flavored” treats is never a bad option.

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Wondering how this plan falls into our handy dandy portion-container system? It’s easy! Each food fits into a container, so you should have no problem following along for the whole week while staying well within the parameters of the plan.

The most important thing is to believe in yourself, never quit, stay committed, and have a fantastic April Fool’s Day!

Oh…and in case you’re looking for an actually healthy no-cook meal prep plan for the 1,800–2,100 calorie level, you can find one here.


No-Cook Meal Prep for the 5,000–7,000 Calorie Level