Maximize Your Post-Workout Recovery

Maximize Your Post-Workout Recovery

A lot of effort and focus goes into your workout preparation. What time should you workout? What foods are best to eat beforehand? How can you get the most definition, in the least amount of time? The list could go on and on. Yet, what about post-workout recovery? That is just as important if you want to build and maintain a strong body.

Tony Horton shared some of his favorite post-workout recovery tips. He didn’t get the body he has today just by exercising. He was smart about his training. Here is his complete list.

1. Get Quality Sleep

Tony refers to sleep as “your own personal oasis time.” It’s when your body does a lot of it’s recovery. In fact, one study found that sleep debt can actually reduce muscle recovery after exercise. He recommends investing in a quality mattress, mattress pad, and pillow to get the most out of your Zzzs. Also don’t forget to remove the distractions from your bedroom, like the TV, and that cell phone on your nightstand!

2. Take a Bath

If you don’t have a tub, then this could be a problem. But otherwise, why not hop in the suds once a week? Tony recommends heating the water to the point where it is almost unbearable to get in. Then sit back, relax, and let your sore muscles melt away.

3. Other Options

Tony has made numerous other videos, detailing the benefits of yogamyofascial release, and hydration. These will all help your body get back to 100% after a brutal workout.

If you are looking for more ways to help with muscle recovery, here are 4 strategies to reduce muscle soreness, and 8 ways to prevent muscle soreness.