Transformation Tuesday: David Lost 66.4 Pounds With INSANITY MAX:30!

Transformation Tuesday: David Lost 66.4 Pounds With INSANITY MAX:30!

David was looking for a way to lose weight and gain the confidence he was lacking. The idea of working out at home appealed to him because of his schedule, and he decided to give INSANITY MAX:30 a shot. After four rounds of the program, he lost 66.4 pounds! Read about his amazing experience below:

“I was overweight and sluggish, and I wasn’t working out at all. I was very unhappy with my physical appearance and my emotional well-being. I had even identified about 10 months prior to starting the program that I needed to make a change, but I was struggled to figure out what I could do to improve all the things I felt I was unable to overcome. I chose INSANITY MAX:30 with the hope that I could transform my life.

The 30-minute workouts were very important to my schedule. I am not a morning person, so it was difficult for me to workout before going into work. I also work an hour away, so if I were to stop at the gym, I would be coming home pretty late. Being able to complete a very intense workout in 30 minutes from home was a very big positive aspect and a huge draw to this program.

I loved the intensity of the program! There’s a reason why the program is called INSANITY MAX:30. Being a former college athlete, I was once used to enduring very intense and difficult workouts that would push me to the brink. That is what this program was like to me. It brought back that competitive mindset of being challenged with a workout with the goal of going as far as you possibly could before stopping. My favorite workout was the Friday Fight. It was like a recap of the most difficult exercises. I just loved the challenge, and I loved the sense of accomplishment I would feel after completing that workout.

My results include losing 66.4 pounds and over 10 inches in my waist. My health improved dramatically, and I have more energy, motivation, and confidence. I feel absolutely amazing! I never thought that choosing a home work out program could ever provide me with the results and the feelings I now have about myself. Seeing my physical and emotional transformation has not only been amazing to me, but it’s been amazing to those around me who have been able to see what a difference this program has made. I really cannot express how happy I am that I chose INSANITY MAX:30.”

†Results vary depending on starting point and effort.

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