How to Get Great Results with Country Heat

How to Get Great Results with Country Heat

When most people think about country line dancing, the first things that come to mind usually aren’t hard abs, toned legs, and firm backsides (unless, of course, your thoughts are dressed in painted-on jeans).

“What most people think about is having fun, being social, listening to great music, and maybe getting a little sweaty as they dance with friends,” says celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of the new country-dance inspired workout program Country Heat. “But that’s exactly what makes Country Heat so powerful — you’re going to have so much fun doing it, you won’t even realize that you’re burning tons of calories and working your entire body.”

Transform Your Body While Having Fun

Perhaps more than any other program she has created, Country Heat is close to Calabrese’s heart. A lifelong student of dance (it was even her major in college), and a devoted fan of country music, Calabrese wanted to combine those passions with her deep knowledge of fitness to create a program that helps people transform their bodies without feeling like they are “working out.”

“You’re going to get your heart rate up, but that’s not what you’re going to be focusing on,” says Calabrese. “You’re going to be focusing on what a good time you’re having, and that’s why this program will succeed where others have failed you — you’re going to want to keep coming back for more.”

It’s Easy to Start

Each 30-minute workout is packed with high-energy, low-impact moves that Calabrese designed to be simple to follow. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced a day in your life — you’re going to be able to follow along as we move to some of today’s hottest country hits,” says Calabrese. And you don’t have to buy any equipment to get started. All you need is a comfortable pair of athletic shoes and a willingness to commit to the 30-day program.

Calabrese might have designed the program to be simple to follow and easy to start, but don’t think for a moment that it’s just for beginners. “It is total body cardio, and it is for everyone regardless of fitness level,” says Calabrese. “It might look like you’re just working your lower half, but you’ll quickly realize that to perform the moves, you have to engage your core, move your arms, and rotate your torso. In short, I’m going to make you work.”

You’ll also be moving for the entire 30 minutes, virtually guaranteeing that you’ll be sweating and breathing heavily by the time you’re done. “But you won’t feel like you’re going to keel over,” says Calabrese. “You’re going to feel energized — and excited for your next workout.”

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Push Yourself with Every Move

As with any workout plan, you should always perform the most difficult exercise variations you can do with control and good form. If you can follow Calabrese’s lead in every exercise, you’re doing well. But if you find the primary move too tough, you can always perform the modifier demonstrated by another member of the cast. It will be less complicated, but it will target the same muscles. “The key is to challenge yourself,” says Calabrese. “If you push yourself, and have fun while you’re doing it, you will see results.”

Follow the Eating Plan

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — you can’t out-exercise a bad diet,” says Calabrese. “If you want to see results, you have to align your eating habits with your workouts and your goals.” To make that as easy as possible, Calabrese created an eating plan based on the same portion-control system she has used in other blockbuster fitness programs, including 21 Day Fix and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. But for Country Heat, she spiced it up with country-inspired recipes that make losing weight more delicious than ever.

Be Consistent

“The moves are designed so that anyone can do them,” says Calabrese. “But there’s a progression to them—they become more complex as you work your way through the program.” The more consistent you are with your workouts, the faster you’ll master the moves. “That consistency is also the key to reaching your fitness goals,” she adds. “If you want to see results, you can’t skip workouts—you have to be committed and consistent.”

Watch the Breakdowns

Each workout in the paid program comes with a 15-minute primer to help you learn the moves. “Yes, it’s an extra 15 minutes, but each workout is only a half hour, so we’re still only talking about a total of 45 minutes, which is shorter than a typical gym workout,” says Calabrese. “And those 15-minutes will be well spent — the more proficient you are with the moves before you begin the workout, the more you’ll get from it.”

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