How to Kick Your Cravings to the Curb

How to Kick Your Cravings to the Curb


Cravings. We all get them — that sudden urge to dive headfirst into a bag of salty chips or a plate of sweet, sweet cupcakes. With frosting. And sprinkles. (#sorrynotsorry)

But why do we get sugar cravings? What makes us crave salty snacks? More importantly, how do we curb cravings?

In this video, Autumn does a deep dive into cravings, why you get them, and tips on how to combat them.

She breaks down the difference between cravings and hunger, and why you specifically crave salty foods or get sugar cravings.

Some of the reasons why you find yourself craving salt or sweets may surprise you — like using artificial sweeteners, not getting enough sleep or water, and skipping meals.

To help you stay on track while you’re following Portion Fix, Autumn reveals practical, actionable tips on how to manage your cravings.

She offers a variety of delicious FIXATE recipe alternatives for whenever those cravings kick in, and interviews Shawn Stevenson, author of “Sleep Smarter” to help explain how sleep is tied to nutrition.