Eat Clean This Summer With These 6 Snacks

Eat Clean This Summer With These 6 Snacks

Whether you’re bound for a BBQ, heading to the beach, taking a four-hour drive to the beach or cabin, lounging in your backyard, or preparing for a days-long jaunt across the country, your summer fun isn’t the only thing that needs mapping out. Unless you’ve got a plan, you may end up falling back on gas station hot dogs, bags of chips, and drive-thru burgers.

You could just toss some sandwiches and a giant bag of trail mix in a cooler and hit the road. But what you really need are foods that will give you steady energy, leave you feeling light instead of weighed down, and won’t spoil after a few hours. Here is a list of clean, tasty picks that do just that.



Air-popped popcorn. Unlike pretzels or chips, popcorn is a whole grain. And you can eat a lot of it without getting stuffed— or busting your calorie budget. Stick to lightly salted varieties, or flavor your popcorn with herbs and spices. Less sodium = less bloating = winning.




Fresh fruit and nuts. Dried fruit is often full of added sugar and other ingredients, so go with fresh. When on the go, pick fruit that doesn’t need to be peeled or pitted, like apples, blueberries, or seedless grapes. And, while nuts are healthy, they are high in calories (about 160 calories per quarter cup), so to steer clear of mindless snacking, portion out the nuts in individual bags or containers.


hard-boiled eggs


Peeled hard-boiled eggs. Despite years of eggs getting a bad rap, they’re actually pretty good for you. The yolks are loaded with B vitamins and the whites are packed with protein to give you steady energy. (Just make sure to peel them beforehand at home.) Pop ’em in your cooler so they stay fresh. Here’s how to make them so they taste great and peel easily.




Homemade kale chips or sweet potato chips. Like popcorn, these crunchy snacks can help thwart your chip craving. And because the vegetables are dehydrated, they’ll last for a few days without needing to be refrigerated, which makes them perfect for a long drive or just a drive around town.


turkey and veggie roll up


Turkey and veggie roll-ups. Skip the bread and wrap up sliced turkey breast and whatever veggies you have on hand in romaine lettuce leaves. Shredded carrots, sliced red onion, sliced tomato, or long strips of summer squash all work well. Packed in a cooler, they’ll last all day. (They also make a great office snack.)


green smoothie


Green smoothies. They’re light, portable, filling, and an easy way to enjoy fruits and vegetables. For day trips, make a big batch of your favorite Shakeology recipe at home — don’t forget the Shakeology and the Power Greens Boost — pour them into mason jars, seal them, and store them in a cooler — they’ll stay good for several hours. For longer trips, bring single-serving packets of Shakeology and mix it in a blender bottle with water, milk, or your preferred alternative milk.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?


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