74 Daily Mantras for Positive Thinking to Turn Your Day Around

74 Daily Mantras for Positive Thinking to Turn Your Day Around

Daily mantras – you might have heard of them, you might even use them, but do you really know what they mean or why to use them?

“A mantra is a phrase or statement that is repeated consistently, often with the intention of bringing calm, clarity or insight,” explains Eloise Skinner, a registered yoga teacher.

Some believe that the word mantra comes from a Sanskrit word that translates to “sacred counsel or formula.”

Others believe the word mantra is a combination of two Sanskrit parts: man (which means “mind”) and tra (which means “vehicle or transport” ).

Skinner explains that this relates to the idea that a mantra can transport the mind deeper into meditation.

Benefits of a Daily Mantra

So why use a daily mantra? Mantra can help greatly in providing a point of focus, says Skinner.

“We often tend to lose our intention as the yoga practice gets difficult, and mantras can bring us back,” she explains.

And this doesn’t just have to apply to your yoga practice. A busy morning parenting. A stressful day at work. That mood that can set in after too much social media scrolling.

A mantra can help refocus you whatever the situation.

Daily mantras can also help us simplify. “If we have a busy stream of thoughts interrupting our meditation, a mantra can be used to simplify,” Skinner explains.

When your mind is spinning or anxiety is on the rise, a mantra can help you simplify and regain control of your thoughts.

How to Use a Daily Mantra

Want to try using a mantra?

In the context of yoga, “you can start with a short phrase — like ‘I am present’, or ‘I am here’ — and repeat this internally at points throughout the practice,” suggests Skinner. “At the end of the class, the student can sit for a few moments, focusing on the breath and then on the mantra.”

But the same practice can apply off the yoga mat as well.

Try one when you start your day, when you end your day, or anytime you find yourself needing quiet, gratitude, or daily motivation.

You can use a mantra anytime to help you get calm, focused, and centered.

74 of Our Favorite Daily Mantras

Mantras are deeply personal and something each individual needs to connect with. Find your favorite from our collection below.

9 Morning Mantras

woman drinking coffee on dock | Daily Mantra

  1. I do enough, I have enough, I am enough.
  2. I expect good things, and they come to me every day.
  3. I am more than capable of being amazing today.
  4. Today is my newest masterpiece.
  5. Another day, another opportunity.
  6. No matter what happens today, I will be kind.
  7. I have everything I need.
  8. I will not let fear of failing hold me back from going after what I want.
  9. I am focused and ready for the day.

9 Bedtime Mantras

  1. Relax, release, rest.
  2. I can let go of what no longer serves me.
  3. I release this day.
  4. My mind is calm and my body is relaxed.
  5. Peace and calm, inward and outward.
  6. The sun will rise, and I will try again.
  7. Around me and within me I find stillness.
  8. Every day is a new beginning.
  9. I breathe in peace and exhale stress.

9 Mantras for Rough Days

woman savoring coffee in the morning | Daily Mantra

  1. I decide what success for me should look like.
  2. Breathe in love, breathe out hate.
  3. I am me, and that’s enough for today.
  4. I am on my own path, chosen by no one but me.
  5. I choose to focus on solutions.
  6. Day by day, I am learning how to fulfill my purpose in this life.
  7. I am not in control of anything or anyone, only myself.
  8. I have the power to let go of the negative.
  9. I will exhale all that weighs me down.

9 Mantras for Everyday

  1. May I be here now.
  2. I am strong, I am capable, I am kind.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I shall stay patient and trust my journey.
  5. I am present in the moment.
  6. I am centered and at peace.
  7. I am grateful for all that I have.
  8. I will be fearless today.
  9. I am grateful for this day.

8 Mantras for Peace and Calm

man taking breeze in outdoors | Daily Mantra

  1. I choose to feel at peace.
  2. I let go of what I do not need.
  3. This too shall pass.
  4. Where I am is where I am meant to be.
  5. Around me and within me I find stillness.
  6. I am surrounded by love and support.
  7. The past holds no power over me.
  8. I will not look back; only forward.

10 Mantras for Positive Thinking

  1. Life and love flow through me to others.
  2. I see the good in others and in myself.
  3. Joy is right here.
  4. I am listening for the wisdom from within.
  5. I have the power to create change.
  6. I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.
  7. Everything is always working out for my highest good.
  8. All I need comes when I need it.
  9. My life is good.
  10. I can change my life when I change my thinking.

9 Mantras for Work

woman taking a break during work | Daily Mantra

  1. My voice is valuable and my opinion matters.
  2. You get what you focus on.
  3. Action conquers fear.
  4. My intention creates my reality.
  5. If I desire greatness, I must work for it.
  6. Never mistakes. Only lessons.
  7. If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.
  8. Just start.
  9. Don’t be afraid to be great.

11 Mantras for Exercise

  1. I am getting stronger every day.
  2. I accept myself as I am.
  3. I am worthy as I am.
  4. I will succeed.
  5. I am creating my reality. I am writing my own story. Anything is possible.
  6. I appreciate my body for its strength.
  7. I am proud of myself and what I have accomplished.
  8. All I need to do is start. The rest will come.
  9. I am getting mentally and physically stronger every day.
  10. I strive for progress, not perfection.
  11. I am envisioning myself as healthy, joyous, and well.