A New Way to Enjoy Coffee

A New Way to Enjoy Coffee

Coffee. Whether you make it at home or you rely on your local barista, you’ve probably got a routine. What happens if you don’t get your coffee? If you’re anything like me, the coffee monsters emerge.

Stefan Kuhnigk can relate. Back in 2011, the German copywriter and designer was in a meeting and spilled some of his coffee. Suddenly, he saw something that was more than just a stain. “It looked like a monster,” says Kuhnigk. Inspired, he started drawing and created his first coffee monster. Ever since, he’s been intentionally spilling coffee and creating little monsters from his favorite stains. He’s now up to 488 creatures, some of which are now available as prints and smartphone cases.

Kuhnigk has been drawing since pre-school, inspired by comic artists including Francisco Ibáñez (Clever & Smart), Brösel (Werner),  and René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (Asterix) but he says he wasn’t one of those kids who grew up loving monsters. ” Monsters were scary back then.” And, admittedly, most of Kuhnigk’s monsters are too cute to be frightening. But, if he had to pick one from his childhood that he liked? “Perhaps Slimer from Ghostbusters. He was cool.”

Though coffee may not inspire you to be as creative as Kuhnigk (who enjoys about two cups a day), drinking it does have benefits. While you’re sipping your next cup, take a look at some of his designs below and follow him on Instagram or on Facebook to see the latest creations.

Coffee Monster 1

Coffee Monster 2

Coffee Monster 4

Coffee Monster 5

Coffee Monster 6

Coffee Monster 7

Which is your favorite?