See the Beachbody Challenge 2020 Winners!

See the Beachbody Challenge 2020 Winners!

If you need some inspiration to start (or continue!) your fitness journey, take a look at two people who achieved incredible results using Beachbody fitness and nutrition programs.

Kendrah Paul and Wade Jackson won $100,000 each and the title of “Grand Prize Champion” in the Beachbody Challenge contest!

Cash money and titles aside, Kendrah and Wade changed their lives for the better — they did the hard work, they got support from the Beachbody community, and created a bright new future for themselves.

Read on and get inspired!

Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize Champions

Kendrah Lost 140 Pounds in 20 Months†

Kendrah, a single mother of four, achieved her incredible results by following Portion Fix and completing 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, LIIFT4, SHIFT SHOP, Transform :20, Morning Meltdown 100, and 6 Weeks of THE WORK.

“My challenge group was so integral to getting me where I am today. The accountability and support I have received thus far has been the key to my results. My Coach and other challengers have pushed me and kept me accountable throughout the process. I truly believe that if I had just attempted to do this on my own, I would not have gotten the results I have.

I feel amazing! I feel strong and confident. I have lost so much fat and build an incredible amount of strength all from using minimal equipment and exercising in my living room … I look and feel like a completely different person!”

Wade Lost 116 Pounds in 1 Year†

Wade crushed his goals by following the Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition program and completing 21 Day Fix Real-Time, LIIFT4, and 80 Day Obsession.

“Ultimate Portion Fix taught me how to eat, and I followed some FIXATE recipes and learned to cook and prep meals, which had been key to my success. I drank and still drink Shakeology every single day and drink Energize before, Recover, and Creatine after my Beachbody workouts.

I have eliminated 116 pounds and 50 inches off my body — I feel INCREDIBLE!”

Beachbody Challenge Runner-Up Transformations

In addition to the two $100,000 Grand Prize Champions, six remarkable Runners-Up won $15,000 each for achieving their life-changing transformations.

Matthew Carlucci

Beachbody Before and After Photos

Kelley Cox

Beachbody Before and After Photos

Judi Finneran

Beachbody Before and After Photos

John Hanyzewski

Beachbody Before and After Photos

Brittany Hirtle

Beachbody Before and After Photos

Bradley List

Beachbody Before and After Photos

Results vary based on starting point and effort and following Beachbody’s exercise and healthy eating plan. The winners featured are independent Team Beachbody Coaches.