See the Barre Blend Results!

See the Barre Blend Results!

With Barre Blend, Super Trainer Elise Joan fuses the best of barre ballet with proven fitness techniques so you can get the results you want.

She combines classic barre moves with light weights to help you sculpt and strengthen your entire body. Then, she adds cardio intervals to help burn even more calories and fat.

Each 30- to 40-minute, full-body workout is designed to help you get leaner, stronger, and more flexible, with defined arms, a tight core, and a firm, lifted booty.

Check out the Barre Blend results below and then start your own transformation journey!

Barre Blend is now available on Beachbody On Demand.

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Barre Blend Before and After Results

Tanika W. Lost 2.6 Pounds and 4 Inches

Before and after photos for Barre Blend

“I love the Barre Blend workouts because they work my entire body out and are fun and the time passes quickly because you’re doing so many different moves.

My abs are much more defined, my butt is more lifted, and my core is so much stronger, my arms, my everything!

Elise is so inspiring! She’s a really good example of the type of body, mindset, and energy that I wanted to build. She is super motivational and makes the workouts fun.”

Myah D. Lost 5 Pounds and 2 Inches

Before and after photos for Barre Blend

“Elise is so fun and inspiring! Not only is she gorgeous, but her soul is beautiful as well.

She always makes sure everyone is pushing themselves, but in a way that’s motivating and not demeaning.

My favorite thing was leveling up the moves each week and seeing the improvements.

You will have so much fun dancing, stretching, toning, and lifting!”

Amanda C. Lost 16.8 Pounds and 12.5 Inches

Before and after photos for Barre Blend

“I was the heaviest I had ever been and need[ed] to make new habits.

Barre Blend really helped me with a mind shift along with physical changes. I can see more definition in my body, especially in my core, arms, and legs!

Switching to a slow and steady mindset has made me feel like these changes aren’t just a ‘now’ thing, but a ‘forever’ thing.”

Laura Z. Lost 11.2 Pounds and 9 Inches

Before and after photos for Barre Blend

“I had started to gain weight and was eating really unhealthy. I was going to the gym, but uninterested in my workouts.

Now I love the way my body looks!

I have a flat stomach! My stomach was such a problem area for me. I never thought I would have the beginnings of a six-pack!

Elise is an incredible motivator. I love that she tells you that you can repeat a workout and get better every time. I felt less pressure to be perfect and was inspired to work out even more.

I love the variety! Each workout is different and the cardio sets add intensity that left me breathless every time.

The workouts are quick and fun, but very intense. This is not your average barre workout!”

Romy L. Lost 25.6 Pounds and 15.5 Inches

Before and after photos for Barre Blend

“I started Barre Blend because I wanted to feel and look better.

I used to feel so sexy and pretty and I had lost that feeling, but I know if I got it together, I could get it back.

Elise pushed me and motivated me and didn’t let us quit or slow down.

I loved the hard work and feeling of accomplishment. Every day, I grew stronger and stronger and more confident in everything.

Now I look and feel so much better. My waist is going back to its small self!

My butt is sexy and round instead of just BIG! Everything is smaller and tighter, and I not only look good in my clothes but also need new clothes!”

Jessica B. Lost 16.6 Pounds and 7.25 Inches

Before and after photos for Barre Blend

“Elise’s passion for Barre Blend is contagious. I love how compassionate she is, especially when she says listen to your body and where it’s at TODAY, [and to] do the moves you’re capable of — that’s what the modifications are for.

My waist shrunk, especially on my sides; also my face has thinned out and I see muscle definition in my biceps and calves! I have better mobility in my hips and legs and feel my core is stronger.

I love the modifications for moves my body isn’t quite ready for and the encouragement and energy from Elise to keep pushing myself to finish strong and keep moving.

The way she brings the words of affirmation into the workout, referencing it throughout, how it applies to my day, my week, my life — not just the workout — is both encouraging and thought-provoking.”

Alana S. Lost 27.6 Pounds and 13.5 Inches

Before and after photos for Barre Blend

“Elise is warm, caring, and very encouraging. Barre Blend changed me as much physically as it did mentally.

I got a waist! I realize I bend differently and more easily. I liked how each day was full body but also focused on a part of the body.”

Marina B. Lost 15.8 Pounds and 10.75 Inches

Before and after photos with Barre Blend

“I was motivated to start Barre Blend because after having two kids and not being able to get rid of the extra weight, it was time to take my health goals seriously.

I got to a point where I wasn’t happy looking at myself in the mirror and didn’t feel good in my own skin.

Now I have abs! I never knew they were there, but after 60 days of Barre Blend, they made themselves known.

I love Elise’s affirmations and how she incorporated them into the workouts. She’s motivating and encouraging.

I also love that the workouts are 30–40 minutes so there’s no excuse for not finding the time in your day to dedicate to yourself and make these crucial improvements.

You won’t regret making your health your priority.”