3 Kick-Ass Cardio-Proof Hairstyles

3 Kick-Ass Cardio-Proof Hairstyles

Once you try the upcoming CORE DE FORCE workout program, you’ll probably notice several things:

– How tough it is. (In a good way, of course.)
– How FUN it is.
– Jericho’s amazing hair. (Sorry, Joel!)

We’ve already showed you a few easy workout hairstyles, but this is a beast of a workout, so you’ll need an equally kick-ass hairstyle to wear while you’re crushing it. Here are three gorgeous styles from Jericho McMatthews, the co-creator and co-star of CORE DE FORCE.

1. High Pony With Braids

This is an easy, sassy pony that you can do in no time at all and even wear when you’re not working out. “Who doesn’t love a high pony with a little attitude? I love this style because it’s classic… with an edge!” says Jericho.

How to do it: Tease the front section of your hair at the top of your head for some height. Gather all your hair into a high, tight ponytail. Wrap some hair around the pony and secure with hair pins. Then take a couple of small sections of the ponytail and braid.

2. Solid Dutch Braid

If this braid doesn’t get you in the mood for some mixed-martial arts madness, we don’t know what will. It’s a little more time-consuming, but the end result is worth the effort. And Jericho is a huge fan: “This is such a bad-ass hairstyle. I love it because it looks a little bit like a mohawk and makes me feel like a character from a Street Fighter video game!!”

How to do it: Take a section of hair from the very top middle of your head and separate into three strands. Cross the right strand under the center strand, then cross the left strand under the center strand; repeat this pattern once, then begin adding small sections to the side strands every time you cross those pieces under the center strand. (Kind of like your grade-school French braid, but pulling the hair under instead of over). Braid slowly and carefully, always pulling the strands in firmly and tightly; continue to the braid until the end of your hair and secure with a hair band.

3. Reverse Braid Twist Top Knot

“Top knots are one of my FAVE hairstyles in general, especially after becoming a new mom! I have super thick/long hair and am always on-the-go, so it’s super easy to slick it back in a pony and wrap into a bun when I’m short on time or just want all of my hair off of my face during a workout. This particular style is a really cool option if you know how to braid and have a few extra minutes on your hands,” says Jericho.

How to do it: Separate hair in four equal sections: top, right, left, and back/bottom. Do reverse braids on top, right and left sections, then fasten each braid with a hair band. Bring the back section of hair up gather all of the sections/braids into a ponytail. Separate the pony into two sections and twist each section in opposite directions of each other; wrap the twisted sections into a high bun and secure with hair bands and pins.