3-Day Refresh Yoga

3-Day Refresh Yoga

Are you feeling sluggish after a holiday meal or an indulgent vacation? Have you always wanted to try a cleanse but are overwhelmed by the thought of starvation or don’t have any idea where to begin or how to prepare?

3-Day Refresh Yoga covers all the bases with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan and three gentle yoga workouts to help get you back on track in just three days.

What Is 3-Day Refresh?

3-Day Refresh is a specially designed nutrition program of protein-packed shakes and easy-to-prepare vegan meals. The 3-Day Refresh program can help provide a gentle cleanse and help you get a clean break from bad eating habits, learn about clean eating, and kick-start weight loss.

3-Day Refresh is a simple, straightforward program that will help improve the way you feel — without starving yourself. In only three days, you may shed a few pounds and create new clean-eating habits that you can apply well beyond the three days of your cleanse.

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What Is 3-Day Refresh Yoga?

To enhance your 3-Day Refresh results, BODi created 3-Day Refresh Yoga, which is three yoga workouts designed to be performed while doing the 3-Day Refresh.

Available on BODi, these 30- to 36-minute yoga workouts are taught by three of the yoga instructors from BODi’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat: Elise, Ted, and Vytas.

Whether you’re new to yoga or you’ve been doing yoga for years, the three yoga routines featured in 3-Day Refresh Yoga can help calm the nervous system, encourage deep breathing and blood circulation, and enhance your mental focus.

Each yoga workout ends with a short, guided meditation, so your 3-Day Refresh is supported in both body and mind. By pairing the 3-Day Refresh program with a three-day yoga and meditation series, you can be refreshed in three ways: nutritionally, physically, and mentally.

The 3-Day Refresh Yoga Classes Include:

Day 1: Chill Flow 35 minutes

Elise Joan is your instructor for this gentle-flow yoga class that focuses on balance, flexibility, and relaxation. Elise specializes in how yoga can keep you grounded during busy times of the year, such as the holidays. The class ends with a short, guided meditation on intention.

Day 2: Restore & Stretch 30 minutes

Ted McDonald leads you through a restorative yoga class that aims to improve mobility and calm your nervous system. Ted is known for teaching yoga poses that improve mobility and flexibility in a fun, calming way. The class ends with a short, guided meditation on gratitude.

Day 3: Deep Focus 36 minutes

Vytas Baskauskas instructs a strength-based yoga class that focuses on flexibility. To prepare you for your final day of the program, this yoga expert ends the class with a short, guided meditation on grounding.

Who Is 3-Day Refresh Yoga for?

Anyone looking to enhance their results of the 3-Day Refresh nutrition program. This program is suitable for all fitness levels.

What Equipment Will I Need?

For the yoga classes, you will need a yoga mat and an optional yoga block. For the 3-Day Refresh nutrition program, you will need a shaker cup or blender.

How Do I Get the 3-Day Refresh Yoga Classes?

They are exclusively available in the Member Library on BODi. Not a member of BODi? Sign up today!

Is the 3-Day Refresh Nutrition Program Required to Do the Yoga Classes?

No, any BODi member can access the workouts at any time. However, the yoga workouts are specifically designed to enhance your results from the 3-Day Refresh nutrition program.

Order your 3-Day Refresh today! By doing the 3-Day Refresh nutrition program along with the 3-Day Refresh Yoga classes, you can be refreshed in both body and mind, in just three days!