3-Day Refresh: Nancy Lost 4 Pounds in 3 Days

3-Day Refresh: Nancy Lost 4 Pounds in 3 Days

Nancy B. had been working out with 21 Day Fix, and decided to try the 3-Day Refresh during the program to boost her results, and detox her mind and body along the way. She lost 4.2 pounds in the 3 days, and an inch from her waist! Check out her story in her own words.

“Before starting the 3-Day Refresh, I was fatigued, tired, irritable, bloated, gassy, lacked energy, stressed out, binge eating, and had cravings. I chose to do the 3-Day Refresh to clarify my mind and body, to detoxify my body and begin a new path toward my weight loss goals and gain mental alertness. I also did it to decrease abdominal bloating and a sense of uneasiness in my abdomen, to promote regularity and decrease irritability.

After completing the final day, I feel as though I have allowed my body and mind time to heal and regain strength and stamina. I have a new outlook on how I look at myself both physically and mentally in preparation for the healthier road ahead. I feel well rested and able to function more clearly and have more mental alertness. I have more energy to contribute to my workouts and to my children. I also have a better sense of control with regards to my eating habits and I don’t feel like I need to eat all the time. My cravings are better controlled and my portion sizes have decreased tremendously.

I certainly learned the value of portion sizes, eating regularly, incorporating fiber into my diet and eating a clean, well balanced nutrition meal with a variety of foods. I’ve learned that detoxifying your body and mind helps maintain a more stable mood, energy level and sleep pattern, which provides an overall more positive family environment and positive attitude. I was doing 21 Day Fix before the 3-Day Refresh and continued to use it throughout the Refresh. I experienced weight loss, decorated bloating, renewed energy, improved digestion/regularity, improved sleep, mood and mental clarity.

I enjoyed the Vanilla Fresh shakes and loved adding the guilt free spices to add a little pizzazz. I added cinnamon and pure vanilla extract with lots of ice to make a delicious creamy shake. The shakes were filling and satisfying. The Fiber Sweep was also very good. The hint of lemon made them more satisfying and easier to drink. They were not starchy or clumpy, and they were filling as well.

I would do the 3-Day Refresh again. I think doing the Refresh 3-4 times a year or after a holiday would be of great benefit for cleansing the body and refreshing your mind. It is a great way to not only lose those stubborn pounds, but to also gain a sense of balance and stability with your workout and eating habits. I would like others to know that this program is an excellent opportunity for beginners to start their weight loss journey.

It is a way to help people learn the basics of good nutrition, portion control, eating time frames and how to refrain from “dieting.” It gives the user a sense of accomplishment which gives a positive outlook on how to continue their weight loss goals. It gives an overall positive experience both mentally and physically and allows the user to clean their minds and their bodies of toxins, chemicals and negativity. I would recommend this product simply because it works and it helps begin that journey to becoming a happier and healthier individual.”

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