22 Minute Hard Corps Results: Shawn lost 11.5 Pounds!

22 Minute Hard Corps Results: Shawn lost 11.5 Pounds!

Shawn is a member of Beachbody’s 22 Minute Hard Corps test group. With his 30th birthday approaching, he wanted to be in the best shape he’s ever been in his life. He started the program and lost 11.5 pounds in just 8 weeks! Read his awesome true story in his own words below:

I am a PhD candidate in psychology. I came out to Los Angeles for an internship and my last year of graduate school. I was motivated to be part of 22 Minute Hard Corps test group because I wanted consistent results. I was doing ‘okay’ on my own by putting together workouts from various programs and eating decently healthy, but I was not getting consistent results. I really wanted to enter my 30s being in the best shape of my life. Enter 22 Minute Hard Corps! It was a great experience!

With 22 Minute Hard Corps, I certainly had had to push myself and “get some” during every workout. It was the most intense 22 minutes of my 24 hours. I was honestly about the ability to get these results in such a short workout, but the results were undeniable. To get these results in only 22 minutes is almost unheard of.

After 22 Minute Hard Corps, I feel amazing. These workouts were the shortest I have ever done, but each one had me drenched in sweat. I got toned in the areas I wanted to, and my arms, shoulders, and back got ripped. I feel stronger, and I have more stamina.

This program is not a game. It’s amazing! I don’t think you will be able to get results like these in only 22 minutes anywhere else. I feel like I have achieved my goals of getting my body ready for the best shape of my life.


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