Treat and Beverage Update for Portion-Control Containers

Treat and Beverage Update for Portion-Control Containers

*updated with oat milk information August 2022

You may have noticed that we updated how treats and beverages are counted in the portion-control containers that are used in Portion Fix, 21 Day Fix, CORE DE FORCE, and other BODi programs.

Here’s a brief dive into how the system works.

Treats and Beverages Updates

Treats and beverages will no longer all be summarily counted as Yellow containers across the various portion-control eating plans.

Instead, they will be categorized into the color that best suits their ingredients and/or macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat).

Treats and beverages will still be limited to three per week, with the exception of Shakeology bases such as low-fat milk and unsweetened almond milk, which will be allowed once daily.

We also discontinued the “measure with this colored container but mark it on your tally sheet as another colored container” strategy for treats in favor of common measurements (e.g., “2 pieces” or “25 morsels”).

Because many treats and beverages are ingredients in BODi recipes, the container counts for those recipes may also change.

Why are these changes being made?

The portion-control eating plan has expanded exponentially since the original 21 Day Fix.

While the old system works fine, the new system allows us to containerize our ever-increasing catalog of container-friendly recipes more precisely.

It’s also a more educational approach in regards to what exactly is in food.

Does this mean the old portion-control eating plans are not as effective?

Absolutely not. These changes were made to make recipe containerization more precise and to enhance the educational value of these plans.

Both systems provide the same, great results.

Please be assured that the two systems of treat and beverage measurements are interchangeable, so if you are working from a revised program guide but want to enjoy a recipe that measures containers using the old system, it won’t impact your diet negatively.

Updated Portion-Control Container Lists

Here are general lists to cover most portion-control eating plans. Customized lists are featured in the nutrition guides featured on BODi.

Please note that if your program doesn’t currently have a treat list, this is not an opportunity to add one — sorry!

However, the “Shakeology Bases” list does replace the “Beverages” list.

Shakeology Bases
(once per day)

The Shakeology Base list helps you add a little pizzazz to Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition.

Pick a fluid from the list below, add it to the Shakeology flavor of your choice, and tick off the corresponding container from your Tally Sheet (along with a red container for your Shakeology).

Low-fat milk, 1–2% (8 oz.) 1 Yellow, ½ tsp.
Unsweetened almond milk (8 oz.) 1 tsp.
Unsweetened cashew milk (8 oz.) 1 tsp.
Unsweetened oat milk (8 oz.) 1 Yellow
Unsweetened soy milk (8 oz.) ½ Red
Unsweetened coconut milk beverage (8 oz.) 1 tsp.
Unsweetened rice milk (8 oz.) 1 Yellow
Unsweetened coconut water (8 oz.) ½ Yellow

Treats and Other Beverages (3 per week)

Three times a week, you can have a treat or a tasty beverage.

Simply help yourself to the amount listed after your treat, enjoy it in all its deliciousness, then check the corresponding container off your Tally Sheet.

For example, if you decide to indulge in a few well-earned chocolate-covered raisins, count out 20 pieces, then check half of a purple and half of a yellow off your Tally Sheet.

Dried apricots, unsweetened (4 pieces) 1 Purple
Dried figs (2 pieces) 1 Purple
Medjool dates (1 piece) 1 Purple
Raisins (2 mini boxes, 3 Tbsp., or approx. 45 pieces) 1 Purple
Dried mango, unsweetened (2 pieces) 1 Purple
Dried cranberries (2 Tbsp. or approx. 30 pieces) 1 Yellow
Dried apple rings, unsweetened (approx. 7 rings) 1 Purple
Dark chocolate, plain (1.5″ x 1.5″ square, 1 fun-sized bar, or approx. 25 morsels) 1 Yellow
Potato chips, plain kettle (6 chips) 1 Yellow
Tortilla chips, plain corn (6 chips) 1 Yellow
Mini pretzels (14 pretzels) 1 Yellow
Peanut butter pretzel nuggets (12 pieces) 1 Yellow, 2 tsp.
Chocolate-covered raisins (20 pieces) ½ Purple, ½ Yellow
Chocolate-covered almonds (6 pieces) ½ Blue, ½ Yellow
Popcorn mix with raisins, almonds, and dried fruit (1 cup, ¼ of recipe) ½ Purple, ½ Blue
100% real fruit juice (4 oz.) 1 Purple
Kombucha (12 oz.) 1 Yellow
Wine (5 oz.) 1 Yellow
Beer, light (12 oz.) 1 Yellow
Beer, regular (12 oz.) 1½ Yellow
Hard alcohol (1.5 oz.) 1 Yellow

Common Questions

The questions below were asked by you and we wanted to make sure you have the answers you need!

What about the CORE DE FORCE Eating Plan? Does it affect the containers for that program?

There are no treats in CORE DE FORCE, but it will affect the beverages.

The fix is simple: Replace the Core Tip at the bottom of page 18 with the following: “Once a day, you can replace one TEASPOON with 8 ounces of almond milk OR you can replace ½ YELLOW with 8 ounces of coconut water.

In addition, you can replace one PURPLE with 8 ounces of 100% real fruit juice 3 times a week.

If it’s a processed food (e.g., almond milk), I thought you weren’t supposed to eat it every day. Is that OK now?

Processed is a broad term. Most unsweetened almond milk isn’t that processed.

It’s just smashed-up almonds blended with water. While whole almonds and straight water are probably a healthier option, that would make a lousy base for Shakeology.

Almond milk is fine in moderation, which is why we limit it to once a day.

 What is missing from the new list for 21 Day Fix?

Sweetened milks. Especially if you’re drinking it daily, no one needs all that added sugar.

Does it apply if I’m on the vegan plan?

Yep. The guide has been updated.

Weren’t four ounces of unsweetened almond milk previously “free”?

Almond milk is a good example of why the updated system is so great. Previously, we lumped all “milks” together.

This made things a little tricky when it came to milks that didn’t really match the others, such as almond milk, which has more fat than most milks but is lower in calories.

Because of this, our experts would come up with workarounds, like calling small amounts “free.”

Our updated system allows us to classify almond milk as what it truly is, making less room for interpretation from our experts trying to help adapt it to your personal needs.

Does this mean I can only have a teaspoon of it?

No. You can have the amount listed after the food. In this case, 8 ounces.

But you count those 8 ounces as a teaspoon in your Tally Sheet.

The reason for this is that 8 ounces of almond milk is about 35 calories, mostly fat, and this fits perfectly in the teaspoon requirements. Think of it as a very watered-down glass of almond butter. (Yum!)

What about alcohol?

Wine, beer, and hard alcohol are allowed. Red wine has been shown to be healthier than other alcoholic beverages, but let’s face it: Booze is booze.

Three standard drinks per week, regardless of the drink, are fine for most people.

Of course, we still don’t want you to go overboard with the sugar-laden mixers, so if you’re looking for Fix-approved cocktails, check out the party over at the FIXATE Cooking Show with Autumn and Bobby Calabrese!