Transformation Tuesday: Angela Lost 20 Pounds With 21 Day Fix

Transformation Tuesday: Angela Lost 20 Pounds With 21 Day Fix

Before starting 21 Day Fix, Angela struggled with working out and had horrible eating habits. After completing the program, she lost 20 pounds and is now an expert on portion control! Here is what she had to say about her journey.

“Before the 21 Day Fix, I had tried other programs but to no avail. I was disappointed in myself. Being pregnant with my third child really did damage to my body, and instead of going forward, I was going backwards. So, I finally decided to try the program and work out. By the second week, I started to see results! Seeing improvements at such an early stage in the program pushed me to continue.

The workouts were easy to follow and were different every day. Autumn is awesome! She articulates clearly and motivates you. I felt as if she was in my living room, physically training with me. The meal plan was easy to follow as well, and the containers were a big plus for someone like me. I had no clue whatsoever about portion control or what fruits were best for me. The 21 Day Fix meal plan laid it all out and was simple to follow.

I’m in love with my results! My body shrunk completely, mostly in my mid-section. I no longer have to worry about tucking in my stomach and I am now comfortable in my clothing. I get tons of reactions from friends and family. Some even think I got surgery! It’s so hard for them to believe that I was able to get into shape in such little time. I just laugh about it and tell them to follow my 21 Day Fix journey on Facebook.

I am glad I did not give up, and I’m proud of myself for completing the program!”

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