10 of the Most Inspiring Quotes from Star Wars

10 of the Most Inspiring Quotes from Star Wars

Need a little motivation? Look no further than to pop culture’s most iconic mentor — Yoda. The legendary Jedi Master has been inspiring fans for generations ever since his debut in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

These 10 quotes are some of the most inspiring Star Wars quotes in galaxies both near and those far far away. Happy Star Wars Day and tell me your favorite in the comments!

Always remember your focus determines your reality Star Wars quotes inspiring


Already know you that which you need Yoda star wars quotes


let's keep a little optimist here han solo star wars quotes


fear leads to hate hate leads to anger yoda star wars quotes


train yourself yoda


Never tell me the odds han solo Star Wars quotes inspiring


bleep bleep bloop r2d2


size matters not look at me judge me by my size do you yoda


what are you looking at I know what I'm doing han solo


do or do not, there is no try. yoda