Tony One on One – FAQ


What is it?
ONE on ONE is a three-year monthly series of Tony Horton doing solo workouts at his home gym. It was not designed as an exercise program, but as a glimpse into Tony’s life and how he develops workouts and programs. This series is a trial and error of P90X2’s three-year creation. Workouts are all over the board, from recovery and moderate yoga to wild creations with titles such at Upper Body Massacre. The series easily plugs in to any X program for variety and, once you figure it out, can be used effectively in conjunction with most Beachbody workout programs. This is Tony, up close and personal. Check it out.

Who is it for?
Anybody who’s finished one of Beachbody’s harder workout programs (P90X, INSANITY, etc.) and is looking for some next-level stuff.

What equipment does it require?
Many require nothing but some require the kitchen sink (medicine balls, stability balls, weights, pull-up bars, etc.). The workouts are not designed as a program, but as a testing ground, and are all across the board.

Some of these workouts are insane. What’s the deal?
This was Tony’s testing ground for next-level workouts. There were no restraints except to see what was possible. Because of that you have a handful of workouts that are off-the-charts difficulty-wise. Maybe even too hard to benefit someone as fit as Tony, but if he didn’t test he wouldn’t know. We will leave these workouts out of any schedules we create using this series. Most are perfectly reasonable for anyone fit.

How often can I use these workouts?
You’ll likely notice that many of these are very similar to workouts you’ve seen in P90X, P90X2, and P90X3. They are easily substituted for similar workouts in those programs just for variety. They are also very useful in creating hybrid programs.

Why isn’t there a cast?
We began using these for our own development until P90X graduates got wind and began demanding to use them, too. We also really liked how the low-budget production took Tony’s personality to another level. If you want to get to know Tony, check these out.

What should I eat?
The P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 Nutrition Plans would all work great with the ONE on ONE series.