Welcome To The Healthiest Year of Your Life

Drinking Shakeology every day has its perks – even beyond the health benefits! Customers who drink Shakeology every day for at least a year are eligible to join Shakeology’s first members-only club, ‘The Healthiest Year of My Life!’ This club honors serious Shakeology fans that have ordered more than 12 consecutive months of Shakeology!

What you get…
Not only do 365ers reap the health benefits from consuming Shakeology every day for a year, but after 1 year of consecutively ordering Shakeology you also get a premium reward package including an exclusive 365er shaker cup and a much-revered, Golden Scoop.** But the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you get a Golden Scoop you can keep drinking daily and be on your way to earning the year 2 prize: The Golden Canister.


Here’s how to join ‘The Healthiest Year of My Life Club’:
1.) Drink Shakeology every day and receive Shakeology Home Direct consecutively each month for at least a year.
2.) Earn your place as a 365er in The Healthiest Year of My Life Club.
3.) Reach the 1-year mark and receive the exclusive 365er shaker cup and Golden Scoop reward package.
4.) Reach the 2-year mark and receive the beautiful Golden Canister.
5.) Along the way, share your successes and/or pledge to be a 365er by hash tagging your posts with #365er, #GoldenScoop, #GoldenCanister, and #2YearsStrong!

Still have questions? Click HERE for more detail.

**Golden Scoop is for decorative purposes only and is not to be used with Shakeology, or with any other food or supplements.


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