Hip Hop Abs FAQ


Who is it for?
Hip Hop Abs is an introductory program, and almost anyone should be able to do it. It does ramp up, enough to become a good workout for very fit people, so it’s a reasonable program for anyone interested in hip hop.

What equipment does it require?
No equipment is needed.

Can I get a six-pack with Hip Hop Abs?
Absolutely, however, even though you’re engaging your abs in nearly every move, visible abs are a reflection of your own body fat. You’ll need to follow the nutrition plan and stick with it until you get to where you want to be.

How can I tell if I’m engaging my core?
In the first lesson in the first workout, Shaun tells you how to engage your core. The Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten technique will not only help with your abs, but your movement patterns too, which helps you age better.

Can this help with the extra skin I have from giving birth?
While skin has some elasticity on its own, nothing can really totally offset things like stretch marks. Certain creams and proper hydration can help to a degree, and surgery in major instances, but you can still get ripped to the point where nobody (but you) will ever notice them.

Can I do the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan with Hip Hop Abs?
Yes, just swap out the Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide for the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan.

I missed a week due to vacation/work travel/sickness. Where do I start from today?
Missing a few days is no big deal. Just jump back into your program where you left off. After about five or six days off, your body is fully recovered and very strong, and you actually have the ability to hurt yourself by breaking down your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This can make you too sore to work out for over a week. If you’ve missed more than five days, start slow on your first day back, maybe doing a third to a half of your normal workout and ramp up little by little, taking about a week to get back to where you left off.

What’s the perfect next step?
Rockin’ Body is the natural extension, especially if you like Hip Hop Abs, but you should be fit enough now to jump into almost any Beachbody program that suits your personality. A week or two of maintenance work to enjoy your results will help you recover and get ready for whatever is next.

What is maintenance work?
It’s much harder to get into shape than it is to maintain that shape once you get there. You can generally maintain a level pretty close to peak fitness with about half the volume of your program. To maintain, you can utilize many different forms of training but the easiest is often 3–4 days per week of the program you just finished. It will decline slowly over time, but you’ll probably start another program or activity to pick up the slack after awhile.